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Instead of worrying about what our children will become tomorrow, remember that they are somebody today.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of JULY

Like I said in the previous post, we are in Florida and spend the 4th here. I am glad the fireworks were not impressive in TN last year. Some pics of the kids that I took, on the 4th.


Okay... So we have been in FL for 2 weeks now. My Dear Husband... Oh I must love that man. His little hobby is Flying, why could he not be happy with just scrap booking like me. Unless he is up in the air, blowing money away he is not happy. Anyways I am sick and tired of him getting so many licenses for flying. REALLY you have no idea how many and how much needs to be done, and when he does it all at the same time. ARGHHH I think only Lindsey knows how I feel. Anyways he had the option to get his Instructors licence little by little like he did with the others, or all at once. The little by little consists of driving to Huntsville, AL. A whole hour away, fly around for a little bit, drive back. 2 to 3 times a week. Well that got old after a year of doing that for all of the other ones... So I told him that I wanted him to do it all at once. AND JUST BE DONE WITH IT.... So here we are in FL, I am enjoying the beach and my family and friends. He is working harder than ever to get this thing done in 2 weeks. He told me it's the hardest thing he has ever done. EVEN harder than his Master Theses. WOW. Poor Guy... But it's what he wants. Out of all the things he got already... I am most excited about this one. IT'S about time other fools who like to blow money away started paying us to fly.. HAHAHA sorry if you are interested in learning how to fly. My council DON'T DO IT. But if you are going to do it. Borja is less than a day away from being an instructor, and we would love to have your money, I mean we teach you how to fly. HAHAHA J/K I love him, and I miss him. It's hard to be without him. I am very proud of who he is, and how hard he works towards everything he does. I know I said a lot of silly things, but I want him to know that I support him in everything, I like to see him happy. And he has showed me time and time again that he wants me happy as well. Hence he treats me like a princess, and goes beyond my needs to see me smile. I LOVE YOU HONEY. Okay here are some of the pics we took while daddy is killing himself over in Jacksonvile...

Stephanie Is Growing, and my milk is no longer enough. So I am suplementing with formula, but we also started to eat cereal. Not sure of it at first, but now she really likes it.