4 Angels From Above

Instead of worrying about what our children will become tomorrow, remember that they are somebody today.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Two weeks already...

She is our little princess.

Don't be surprized by the collection of Head bands, I went over board with it. And as I had suspected MY GIRL IS BALD. Well everyone tells me she has tons of hair. But that is only because they have never seen Spencer When he was her age. It will be a few months before I can do piggy tails.... But it's okay her delicate little face makes up for her baldness. And she is just perfect.

Since we brought Stephanie home she has hated bath time, she has gotten better but if you take too long to dress her up she throws a fit.

Spring is comming!!! And the leaves are not going to fall off anymore, so we can clean it up. This past weekened we spend saturday raking and picking up leaves, it was a beautiful day to be outside. We got lots done, we are getting ready to plant our first garden in the back yard. I am so excited. I also found this big centipede, Spencer though it was the coolest. But he is my son and does not touch bugs. Which I am glad, because I remeber being in Florida and my little brother bringing a lizard in the house. I hope I don't have that problem.

We also went to church this past Sunday, and I had fun dressing my little doll.

It's been two weeks that we brought our little girl home. She is the best baby ever. I never hear her cry, just during bath time. I have to wake her up to eat. We came home the day after she was borne, I though Spencer was going to be super jealous. Since he ignored both me and her in the hospital, and all he wanted was DADDY. Almost as if I had betrayed him somehow. However we got home, he became very protective of her. He always wants to kiss and hug her, and if anyone says they are going to take her home. He tells them with a stern voice, "NO that's my baby sister"
We are doing well, and I am adjusting to have no time for ME. But it's all worth it. I just love my little munchkins. And Guess what... It is possible to love them both the same exact way!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birth Story

Well we checked in to the hospital on sunday at 6:00 pm. We started at 8pm with some tablets every 4 hours, having a some pain by 8am my dr. broke my water and started Petosin/ I was only 4cm dialated. But doing good, well braking your water and petocin change things a little. The Dr. said I should not ask for the epidural until I was in active labor, so around 10 I was in a lot of pain, but was trying to work through it. Borja could not take it anymore and called the nurse and asked for an epidural for me. I am glad he did. Dr. Feel Good came in and gave me the Epidural, life was great from that moment on. An hour later i could feel the contractions again, so I was pushing the little pump every 15 min. for more medicine. The machine was not picking up my contractions so the nurse kept adding petocin. BUT I KNEW THEY WERE THERE. Anyways Borja went to lunch at 12 and when he came back at 12:45 I was crying, I was so tired and it all came so quick. Borja called the nurse, she came in the room to check me. However none of us had much hope. She checked me and ran out of the room telling me not to laugh, caugh or sneeze. I was confused, I guess Stephanie was crawling out on her own. A minute later she came in the room along with 3 other nurses and a table full of things. They fixed me in the bed, and my Dr. Ran in just to catch her, After one contraction and 3 pushes she was out. All 6 pounds 14 ounces, 19 and 1/2 inches long. It was easy, the pushing part. However I pumped so much Epidural in my body that my left leg was dead weight, for 4 hours afterwards. Kind of funny, I could wigle my toes, but no matter how hard my brain told my leg to move, it just did not do it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Having boys is so much fun...

Well I have to brag a little about my wonderful husband. On thursday March 5th he turened the big 30. I think for the first time since I have known him he feels old. HAHAHA. I am not very helpful when I tease him about being 24. Anyways he is a wonderful husband, person, companion, friend, father, and I could go on and on. I am trully blessed to have him, he completes my life, and he is always trying to make sure my needs and desires are taken cared of before his. He is giving and not at all selfish, he understands when I need sometime of from being a mom and wife, and just need to have a Vanessa moment. It is thanks to him that I have in my life a wonderful son, seeing them together is fun and refreshing. Knowing that there are still good fathers out there. Spencer is in love with his daddy, the highlight of his day is around 5:30 pm when daddy walks in. Nothing else matters at that moment. It's almost as if his hero just walked in.

Anyways, even though he just turned 30, he will always be a boy at heart. I am sure like every other men out there, it is very difficult to get him a gift that he will trully like. So after wrecking my brain for 2 months, I knew exactly what to get him. Spencer and I went out on thursday and looked for the Guitar Hero Band Set for the WII that he purchased last year while I was out of town... Well if you have looked for it you know it is not the easiest thing to find. But we got him I gift Certificate from GameSpot so that we could go sometime to Murfreesboro (40 min away) to get it. Well he walked in the door that day and opened his card and immidiatly said OK lets go get it. He was excited. FINALLY something he likes, besides airplanes. We brought it home and he played with it right away. Well Spencer loves it too. I almost have to beg to get a chance on the drums, that is Spencers thing. And the Guitar is Borja's thing, so I have not even touched it. I guess I am stuck singing. I am sure the neighbors are fed up with us. For 4 days straight we have had rockers at our house...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Snowman?

So this morning at 6 a.m. Spencer came to my room so excited. Saying "mommy snow, lets build a snowman." We had told him yesterdaay that it was going to snow today, so I did not think much of it. I just though he remembered and now was here to wake me up tooooo early in the morning... However he was so excited that I got up and looked out the window. Just to see our backyard covered in snow. I could not deny him a snowman after seeing the look in his little face. So we got up and soon after that Tyler came down stairs and they were both very excited to go and play outside. Daddy came to help us after we were there for sometime with no results. Oh. I should not fail to mention that church was canceled today. HAHA