4 Angels From Above

Instead of worrying about what our children will become tomorrow, remember that they are somebody today.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Picture This!

It's 12:45 pm on a Saturday, March 26th 2011 the rain is just barely holding. The whistle blows, and the first kick happens. The adrenaline is high, the heart is pumping and skipping beats. Camera in hand I ran (mind you, I am almost 9 months preggers) ran up and down the field. Screaming like a crazy woman, 

C'mon Spencer get the ball, 
turn it around, go, Go, GO.

C'mon baby, don't let that ball go in. 
Kick it! On the middle. 

For 45 minutes, the screaming crazy parents went on and on and on... He played the whole game, I felt kind of bad... Cause they kept rotating the other children, but he was in it for the whole game. 

I never thought in a million years, I would be the crazy mother on the side. BUT... I WAS... And it was AWESOME...
His team won their first game, and he alone scored 7 GOALS. Which took us to Dairy Queen afterwards. 
We promised him that if he score 5 goals we would give him his very own Reese Peanut Butter Cup w/ Peanut butter sauce blizzard. Nope we are NOT beyond bribing around here, and apparently other parents aren't either. Cause the line to DQ was just as big as the line to get out of the fields.

I am sorry if I sound a little proud... And it's only because I am SOOOOO PROUD, of my little athletic son. He is really good if I may say, I'd like to think that it's the Brazilian blood in him. 

This is the Dynamic Trio.
Spencer, Icick, Garret.

We are looking forward to many more screaming Saturdays. 
Can you tell I am happy to officially be a (crazy) Soccer Mom.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where did time go?

Almost 5 years ago, on April 15th, 2006. After 13 long painful hours of labor, I became the mother of Spencer Nicholas, a little boy 6 pounds 2 ounces, 19 1/2 inches long. Who from the beginning taught me that a mother's love is endless. He has been a blessing, and a joy throughout all these years. 

Today after his 5 year check up and PRESCHOOL physical, this little guy is.
In the 90% for his height and weight. He is 48 pounds, and 45 inches long. THAT'S almost 4 feet tall. Which means he is only 1 foot 10 inches shorter than me. Which means when he is around 10 or 12 I will be looking up at him, while pointing my finger... Hahah that will be ridiculous. 
Will he take me seriously?

Well while life has been busy with Spencer we have been busy trying to create more of them. So Stephanie Elizabeth joined our family on March 16th, 2009. A bald little girl (her brother brought all the hair from my womb with him when he came out), who weigh 6 pounds 14 ounces, also 19 1/2 inches long. 

It's been fun to watch her grow, today she had her 2 years check up. Like a big girl. no more baby scale... She went on the normal scale, and sat on the table and not on my lap. SNIFF SNIFF :( :(

She did all the doctor told her to do... Jump with both feet off the floor, stacked blocks, and would not be quiet for a second, letting him know she can speak very well.  She is also HUGE. 85% for height and 65% for weight. Being 28 pounds, and 35 1/2 inches. Well We knew we would have tall kids. I just hope someone out there is making a tall young man to marry our beautiful little giant. (some day in the very distant future of course)

 We should know the statues of Annabelle Louise in less than a month. Especially if these braxton hicks stay like this. THEY better be doing something besides taking my breath away every 20 - 30 minutes.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hold them a little tighter

We all have our hard times, and our set of trials. They are all different, and we all learn different lessons from them. But when we are DOWN, you know!!! When we hit rock bottom. Well, we are all at the same place. The feelings of despair are the same, the loneliness we feel, and the lack of hope, motivation. Yeah it's the same. That is why we can have sympathy for someone's hardship even though we haven't been in their shoes. 

 I have been there. You have been there. An event in my my day, made me realize how fragile life is. Made me look at my children with a little bit more patience, and made an effort to tell them how amazing they are. Why do I forget, that life is so much more than cleaning and cooking and attempting to be super mom, super wife, super woman? 

This morning, I prayed...  And asked Heavenly Father for a good day, and it happened. My house still not as clean and organized as I would like, and I have Mount Everest waiting to be put away in the living room. But I held my babies a little tighter tonight. 

I also realized that I can control weather my day will be good or bad. I cannot control what will happen but how I will react. So when I get paint on my kitchen chair, or the kids unfold my newly folded pile of laundry. I can choose to love them anyways. They are only little for a while, and before you know... It's all a thing from the past. 

So go... Stop what your doing... And hold them, tight... 


This morning as I was wondering what to do with my kids. I came across a friends blog. She telling us how easy it is to keep her kids entertained by just rolling some paper on a table and let them color.
Well, thanks Serene. This was entertainment for a whole day.

First you tape the paper down, and give them crayons...

When they get bored with that. (1:30 min later) give them lunch and nap time.

 Than bring out the finger paint... and let them paint on top of the same paper.

For complete peace and silence, put a tootsie pop on their mouths while they have their hands dirty. 

And voala... you can fold 5 loads of laundry in peace. 

This may just be a knew favorite in our home. Why didn't I think of  this?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mommies know EVERYTHING...

On Sunday Stephanie took off her diaper and brought me an underwear. So after telling her, "you cannot pee on the floor, you have to tell mommy if you have to go potty, and if you potty n your panties you WILL get a spanking and time out." She listened and replied with a "K" and walked away.

A few minutes later Spencer came into my room with a potty full of pee. Suspicious of the whole situation, I asked... 

Spencer, did she pee in the potty or did you pee in the potty? 

She did!!! I promise.

You know it's not good to lie to mommy!!!

I'm not lying, she really did it. We sat there and she just did it...

Spencer, I have told you before... Mommy and Jesus are on the same side, and he sees everything and than tells mommy. So if you are lying to me I will know. 

Yes I know!!! But She really did it... 

So convinced at his very persistent argument, we did the potty dance, and went on to a very unsuccessful couple of days of potty training.

Monday night comes along, and as I sit and clean their room they were around me. (they are always around me, they follow me around the house like I am the only fun "thing" to be around of... Who needs toys?!)

Spencer asked me... 

Sooo, mommy?! 

Yes Spencer!

Did Jesus tell you I was lying yesterday? 

Hum??!!  YES!!! I believe he just did... And I am very disappointed. Let's go tell your daddy what you've done and see what the punishment is...




Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What NOT to say to a pregnant mother...

Do you know that Ward that has been around forever? With the same members? Who have done the same thing for decades? And their youngest kids are coming home from their missions?

Yes!!! THAT ONE! Full of older members who are set on their ways??? Well, that's my ward. When we moved here 3 years ago, Spencer was the ONLY 2 year old in the whole nursery. Since than we did have some younger blood move in, and bring their little ones with them. 
Yes we are up to 6 or 7 couples who are child baring years. And currently there are 2 of us pregnant. The crazy old women are besides themselves, not knowing what to do with the noise during sacrament meeting. 

Two weeks ago we had speakers assigned from the stake to come and speak strictly about Genealogy.  I do not take away the importance of such work. I do believe that everything has a time and a season, and I find it hard to pencil that in this season of my life. I do what I can, but nothing too in depth.

So last Sunday when one of our dear crazy old ladies got up to speak about Genealogy I took a deep breath and told myself she was only the second speaker and it would be short. BOY!!! Was I sooooo WRONG. 
She took the remaining of the time, speaking for about 25 minutes. Putting not only me, but many to sleep. She went on rumbling about some non-sense. So when Stephanie began to have a tantrum, I was not worried about calming her down. In my mind I thought maybe she would get the point across that she needed to STOP freakin talking. Well the bishop passed a paper letting her know her time was WAY over. 

And thank goodness she got the memo, I was beginning to plan a way to put a blinking light that said SHUT UP. I am glad I did not need to do that.

So the intermediate Hymn was cancelled and the third speaker was asked to speak another day, and the meeting was FINALLY over.

As I sat in my seat, on the third roll of the right side of the chapel. Here comes the crazy old woman, who when she dies will need 2 coffins. One for her and one for her tongue. And says... Mind you, I never spoke with her in my life.

" Hi Momma, I think it's time for you to find some one to help you on Sundays with your little ones. With the baby coming for sure you will have no control over them, maybe someone would be willing to sit with you"

HUM... Here are the words I swallowed...

First of all, if you hadn't talked for 15 minutes passed your assigned time I would have made an effort to "CONTROL" my kids.
Second, I do have help. Unfortunately he is busy serving YOU!  
Third of all, God created children and they are perfect as they are, and He is only keeping you around to learn how to become more like them once again.

So I sat on the lobby looking for the spirit that took off running so fast that it took me 3 days to catch up to it. When I realized I was not going to find it, I picked up my little chicks, like a mad mother Hen put them under my wings and came home. 

Yup...  I was a little offended. But I am over it now, I put it all out there. More than ever I am glad the church is being lead by Christ and not by people. And no matter how messed up things can get, it is still true. 

So again I say... DEAL WITH IT!

P.S. I do have good kids, they are for the most part well behaved. However they are KIDS.  

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's been a nice and well deserved Break...

As you can see I took a break, from everything. A whole week with my husband, no WORK, no CHURCH, no House to clean, NO cooking. Yes it was nice... And boy!!  Did I have a hard day today, trying to get back to REAL life. Oh... and potty training was a total failure. 

We went to Washington D.C. for a few days, my sister is law lives there and my mother in law was there visiting. Since my hubby hadn't seen her since last summer, and wont see her until Christmas he thought it would be fun to go. Well, 12 hours in the car, 33 weeks pregnant and 2 kids.  It was indeed FUN. We spent 2 days there and came home, splitting the trip in 2 days on the way home. It was hard and tiering, even if my poor husband did most of the driving. But you know what... I am glad we did it, I enjoyed every minute of the day with my one and only. 

We have learned through our many trips to Florida, that the best time to travel is early... I mean 5 am early. And be done by 4 or 5 pm. The kids are much happier that way. So we stopped and got Doughnuts for  breakfast. And this is what you should NOT do.

While up there we celebrated 4 Birthdays, Hubby and his sister was on March 5th, our niece Ambar on March 15th, and Stephanie's March 16th. We went for a family diner. 

Hubby, his mom, and sister.

Ambar and Fabiola.

Hubby and a small whale we found on the way up....

Afterwards we went home and the kids opened their presents and had cake. 

We went on the Metro, and the kids were all over the idea for the first 10 minutes, than couldn't wait to get out. Because it was "SOOOO boring" according to Spencer. 

 And you just can't visit D.C. and not go to see all the Museums and monuments.

We were not able to see all the Museums, but a must see was the dinosaur one. 

 I thought Spencer would be all over that one.
But I was wrong...
I know I have told you about my husband being a flight test engineer, which means he works with Airplanes, which means he LOVES and is fascinated with them.  
But did I mention that my kids have Airplane fuel running in their veins? 
So it was the Air and Space museum that hit home for all 3 of them.

Spencer got his knee stuck on the fence, and was having a little panic attack when we told him he would not be riding the carousel if he did not get it out.

 It was over all a great day, but this momma was tired in the end. And it was a long and very crowded Metro ride home.
As you can see, I was not alone on the tired department.
Seeing that the Air and Space Museum was a success, we hit the other one on the way home. This one was HUGE.

A very happy GIRL.

 Since mom had no idea about all the cool airplanes, and did not share the excitement. She was left behind, to waddle all on her own. While daddy gave the kids a tour of the place and named EVERY single one.

So there... it was after all the hours in the car, a great little vacation. And the last one as a family of 4, cause now I am not allowed to leave the area until this little one makes her big entrance in a few weeks.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Do you ever feel...

Well, I do... And I AM...
Some times I wish I could just crawl into a whole in the Earth and stay there for a few days. 

Can I get any volunteers to take 2 kids and a belly, for the next week? 
I feel horrible, they are not even the reason I am overwhelmed with life right now. But they are the ones stuck with a bad mom, because of it. 
I am now announcing I am taking a break from my calling at church. Sorry girls, but our stake is going a little crazy, if they think I want to spend the next 3 Saturdays with you all day. No thanks. 

Taking a break from responsibilities, I declare... NO cooking or cleaning for the next week. That's right! And I will do something very selfish soon. Help me figure out what. 

So blogging friends, I may also take a break from blogging. We will be going somewhere for 5 days, and we may or may not have a lot of fun. But I will let you wonder until I come back. And when I do. I have tons of things to do. 

Stephanie's Birthday party
Spencer's Birthday Party
Easter Egg Hunt
Girls night out
Oh and lets not forget...

Giving birth. 
I am also declaring... "Annabelle! As of the 20th of April, conceder yourself evicted from my uterus." 
I will squat to Florida and back if Necessary. 

P.S. Also taking advice on how to induce labor... Thanks

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And some say there is no GOD?

From the first time we hear that "wooosh, wooosh, woooosh" sound coming from a Doppler in the Dr.'s office, to the first time we hear them cry. We can only imagine the journey their little body takes over 40 weeks inside our very crammed womb. We remember the first heart beat, the first ultrasound when they were only a bubble, the first kick, the first hiccups and we  monitor our pregnancies, with dates and times for everything. And with every baby I am reminded of the miracle it is, to create life. 

If there was no God, 
than how would you explain the fact that in only 32 weeks a little tiny hand with 5 little fingers came to be?

Or 10 perfect tiny toes?

How about a baby that can yawn because we have been poking her for 5 minutes and just woke her up from a deep sleep?

And a great  smile for a mommy and daddy who are drooling over her already?

Explain how a perfectly functioning nose, cheeks, chin and mouth were created in less time than it takes to convince a teenager that they DON'T know it all?

Or better yet... 
Tell me how someone would make a machine so perfect, and advanced that would capture images such as these from the outside, and not have any inspiration from above as to how to do it?

Oh... It all came from monkey's?!

Yeah... He looks promising.

AHHH... From the explosion?

Yeah!!! Cause whenever things explode in my house, it all falls perfectly where it needs to be. RIGHT??

Could there be a Higher power who is always in control of everything, every where? 

And Thank Goodness!

Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives:
“I know that my Redeemer lives!”


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One proud Momma...

We live in a Tiny Little Mini, Don't Sneeze you'll miss it kind of town. 
But despite of how small it is, and how bad the restaurant selection is... 
We have a pretty good Rec Center. Very affordable too. 
And everyone in the town is a member. 

Anyways, they have a supper cool outdoor pool area and indoor pools as well. 

Here is a picture of the outdoor area.  
Do you see those big slides back there? The red and yellow one?
Well those are the "big people" slides... 

That's what I had to tell Spencer the entire last year, just to see a very disappointed little face trying to be content with what he called "the baby slides" 
After having a private party in this place and finding out he was not only capable of going down those slides, but he LOVED them. We needed to move on to getting him approved to be considered "big people" 

He needed to swim the length of the indoor pool. I thought it would never happen, I mean he can swim, but he IS only four and little, and that is such a long way to go for such a little boy. 

We take the kids to the pool some nights as a reward for being so good at the nursery while mom and dad exercise. We promised them tonight would be a Pool night. 

I figured we could start practicing tonight, so that when summer came along he would have a chance of going down the slide. I told him that in order for him to go on the outdoor slides he needed to swim across the pool. His little eyes sparkled and he said "OK, I can do it!" I got a lifeguard and told him, the plan was to practice but be ready to jump in.

This is a picture of the indoor pools, and he started on the very far left lane. With a lifeguard walking next to him, and Mommy, Daddy and little sister cheering him on he got through 3/4 of the way and started struggling. But I went to the end and reached for him and with all the strength his little body had. 
HE FINISHED IT! All 50 meters of it. 
Although I had my hesitations, HE knew he could do it, and his desire to go down those slides helped him accomplish a HUGE task. 

Mommy could not be anymore proud of you son, and I know that just like tonight. You will be able to accomplish MANY hard things in life, and be a very successful young man. I love you!