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Instead of worrying about what our children will become tomorrow, remember that they are somebody today.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I know I am late, AGAIN life has been crazy lately. But here are the pics from our halloween.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New skills

I have to update before I forget, Stephanie has started to army crawl on Nov, 1st and now she is doing pretty good. She drags her little belly every where. And on Nov. 5th she got her first tooth. front bottom left. She has been great, no fever or fussing if I had not been checking we would have never know that she got a tooth.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our Last project of the year...

We started to build a deck, and we are soooo close to being done. We designed it on paper, than we went out there and measured and put posts and now that the frame is done. We realized we may have gone a little overboard. As everyone who comes and gives us a hand say, "it's massive." Here are the pics of our progress. So far.
The "help" (aka Jeff Dean) playing some baseball, while Borja Worked...

This is the left side of the deck

This is the right side of the deck

Jared came up and helped even on the rain.

Friday, October 30, 2009

My kids

So I have to post a couple of things that happened lately... Yesterday I put Stephanie in her walker and went about cooking dinner. She usually stays in the kitchen area, she never wondered away to the formal living area and bedrooms. Well yesterday was the day, I heard her walking away and did not pay much attention she was happy and I was busy. About 5 min later Spencer who was watching TV in my bedroom came and told me that he could not put Stephanie on the bed. I told him to leave her alone and I would be there as soon as possible to put her up there with him. (yes up on the bed watching TV, don't judge me) He seamed to me happy and I was still busy. Another 5 min and I went over to do what I had been asked. As I walk to my room a noticed an empty walk on the way, as I got go my room and turned on the lights I find one little girl inside of a suitcase, laughing at her brother who was still trying to figure out how to put her on top of my 3 foot tall bed. OF COURSE I HAVE PICTURES... and they are comming.

Another cute thing and scary at the same time... Spencer yesterday "announced" to me that Stephanie came out of my belly. "Thank goodness we cleared that out I was a little confused... "Anyways than he told me he came out of my belly too. "O good now I think I am getting the idea of how this works." After he made those announcements, while I was changing a poopy diaper. He had that look, the one that lets you know that he is thinking really hard about something. Than he says, "well we have to go to the Dr. because there are 3 more babies." I laughed and asked REALLY? yes mommy than his left hand helped his right hand make out the number 3.

I also have to right some cute words that only mommy and daddy understand. So here is the dictionary according to Spencer.

Banemer: ba-ne-mer, it means remember. Used in a sentence. I banemer we went to the circus.

Tomorrow: Pronounced the same way, but it means Yesterday. In a sentence Mommy I went to my friends house tomorrow.

Brother: Pronounced the same way, but it means Sister. Mommy I love my brother. (maybe it's one of the 3 that needs to come out of my belly)

Blue: Pronounced the same way, but it means green, yellow, red, pink, brown, orange, and so on.

Mommyah: mo-mmy-ahhhhhh. it means mommy, in the winy mood, it also applies to Daddyah... Very Annoying.

Thother: Tho-ther, it means other. In a sentence, Can I have the thother one.

Muskit: Mus-kit, it means Music. I banemer when I played the thother game tomorrow it had the cool muskit.

I know there are more but I cannot think of it right now I will add to it latter.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Catching up...

I really need to get on board with my blog. I have so many things I want to do that Nothing is getting done in the time that I want.

We went to Utah last week, and got to go to the Temple Square, and took some beautiful pictures.

Unfortunately I came home with the Swine Flu, it was not fun. Now I am much better and thank goodness the kids and Borja did not get it.

I love this picture, she looks so curious to try the dirt.

Spencer has grown up so much since
Stephanie was borne, He is such a good big brother. I sing to them both when they are upset, or when we "nuggle" at night. Spencer caught on to it really fast. So when Stephanie Wakes up from a nap crying. Spencer

will go sing to her. He knows

I am a child of God, Teach me to walk in the light, Twinkle Twinkle little star, Book of Mormon Stories, You

are my sunshine, and Popcorn popping. It calms her down to hear him sing to her. The other day I went in to find him inside the crib with her. I know it may not seam very safe, but he was sitting in on side and helped

her sit on the other while he sang and handed her toys.

Yesterday he lifted my shirt to blow on my belly button, and when he saw some stretch marks, he said... "mommy Stephanie did that." I replied by telling him that she didn't do all of them that he helped, when he was in there. He gave me this look as if it looked painful, and said. "I am so sorry Mommy" How many moms can say that their kids apologize for the damage they did to them?

He goes to pre-school twice a week, and he loves it. He is finally learning his colors, and shapes. I had the hardest time teaching him. He is a good helper, and always asks me what he can do. He talks soooooo much. The other day as you can see in one of the pictures he got a good spanking and went to the corner for a long time, just for having a big mouth. He was throwing a fit about having to go to his room and get a sock, when I told him to stop yelling or he would go to time out. He told me no, and to put my foot in my mouth. I am still trying to figure out where in the world he got that from. He told me Stephanie taught him, Only 3 and learning to blame his sister already.

Here Spencer is teaching his little sister how to play with her new toy. By putting the ball in her hand and guiding it to the whole.

Stephanie is the BEST baby. She smiles alllllll day long. Nothing bugs her. We love to see her growing up, but she is just growing to fast, she is 7 months old, when we went to the Dr. for her 6 month check up she was 17 pounds and 12 ounces, and 24 inches long. 75% for both height and weight.

She does NOT like baby food, I have tried since she was 4 months with no success. So I gave up, the other day I gave her a plate of rice and beans, her brothers favorite. She ate the whole thing, so now we just eat big people food.
She recently found out she has a tongue, and as you can see in some pictures it is always out. She has that smile that could get away with murder. We are in soooo much trouble. She does not crawl yet, and it does not seam like she is interested. She roles from A to B, and spins on her belly. She has been rolling since she was 5 months, and started to sit by herself in the last week of September. And yes I still play doll with every outfit we put on. She is the biggest girly girl.

This is the back of our house, and our newest project is the deck, on this picture we are removing the grass from the area where the deck will be. Spencer of course is daddy's little helper.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I found out that there is a website that you can send in your blog, and have it put into a book. Since I am not a great journal keeper I think it would be interesting to do that. So I don't really care if anyone reads it. I am just writing as much as I can, so it can be like a journal book some day.

Anyways I am 7 minutes away from being 25 years old. I say that not to announce to everyone that it's my birthday, but because turning 25 has really made me think about some things.

I am a truly blessed woman, in the past few years I have learned what is important in my life. Surprisingly it is not what I thought it would be when I knew it all back when I was 16. I found out that the love of my life is not a blond guy with stunning blue eyes. He is a tall, dark and handsome Spaniard that I met when I was 18. I found out that I will aways take exactly one hour to get ready at the LEAST. I love trying to look my best, though sometimes my best is not good enough for me.

I found out that I LOVE being pregnant, and I love my children. I cannot even remember or imagine life without them. I have made some really dumb choices in my life that have led me to much heart ache, and though I wish I could keep other people from making those mistakes. I CAN'T. I just recently realize that I am my worst enemy, but still can't do anything about that. I have so much to learn still, but I just want to teach. Teach my kids that they have loving parents who have worked really hard to get them here. I try not to take for granted of the time I have with them. That is why I "nuggle" with both of them for nap time and night time. I know sometimes that turns out to be a pain, because of all the things I have to do. But you know what... The house will always be there to be cleaned, they made drive through for a reason. But kids are only little for a short period of time, and than they will be gone. Live their lives, have their kids. And I will be here cleaning and cooking.

I also know that life has it's priorities, and as much as I love my children I have to love who gave them to me even more. God has entrusted them to me, so that I can take care of them. I love Him for it. And secondly my husband, who works so hard and sacrifices so much. Just so that I can be home teaching them, and taking care of them. Sometimes I feel a little down about myself, because the world now makes me feel less of what I am. I don't have a degree, and I don't have any desire of getting one. Not because I am dumb and can't do it, though Satan tries to convince me of that. But because I just don't want to wake up one morning, and see that I missed the best thing in life.

Not to offend anyone who works, that may be what you want to do. I also know that some people cannot stay home at the moment, and that is why I am so grateful that I can. We may not be able to get the boat, or the luxurious things in life. But to me it is so worth it. I realize that friends are hard to find, and that my mom has and will always be one of my best friends. I found out that being away from my family is harder than I thought it would be. I regret that I tried to grow up too fast, but do NOT regret getting married young. I have seen too many people go crazy after they turn 18, and got a little bit of freedom. I believe that I am who I am today because of the choices I made, I am so glad that I was raised in a manner that even though I made bad choices, I was never allowed to make them so bad that it altered or damaged my plan for an Eternal marriage.

I know that families are forever, and not until death comes along. I know now that I am raising my kids much like I was raised. I am thankful for the example that my parents are, showing me that it is possible to make a marriage work. When the world now does not even believe in marriage anymore. I am not afraid of speaking my mind, and that is a gift and a curse at the same time. I love having fun, I do NOT miss high school. But I miss not having responsibilities some times. I wish I had listen to my parents when they told me life was easy back then. I only kissed 4 guys in my life and that was 3 too many.

I love to spend time with my husband, even if it's a little here and there when the kids are asleep. I love that he loves me. I love that he loves our kids, it is a shame that he will never know how good of a dad he really is. But I love him more because of it. Spencer tells me at least 10 times a day that he loves me, and I tell it back to him 2 times every time he does. I believe that if I do that he will always know that when ever he is in need of some love. All he has to do is show some love. I think it's working, i haven't seen another 3 year old tell his mom he loves her just because he felt like it. It saddens me to know sometimes that I am doing my best as their mother, but that they deserve so much more.

So I am one quarter of a century old, and even though that may not seam like a lot. I think I have come a long way, in my life's check list. I know there is so much more to be done, and so much that I don't know. So much that I need to work on. More kids to bring down to earth, and so much more heart aches. But I hope and pray that as I learn and go through these things that I will be molded to what my Heavenly Father wants me to be.

I know that God lives, he is my foundation and the center of our home. I am not in any way, shape, or form, close to doing all that I should be doing. But I am grateful that Christ came to earth and died for me, and is willing to come through for me in the areas that I lack. As long as I endure it to the end. I love my religion, and I am not ashamed of it. It also played a major role as to who I am today. I know I am a daughter of God, and that he loves me. And even though to the world I am not "worth" much, because I am "just" a mother. I am all that I wanted to be, from the time I was a little girl. And even more important I am worth more in the eyes of God, being a mother is being selfless, giving up time, or postponing my own life because of the role that I took when I gave birth.

So I am 25, I am a woman, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife. And I LOVE being every one of those.

Stephanie NO!

HUM!!! Should we say SPOILED... We are in so much trouble.


My Beautiful Family

Me and My Honey

Don't Ask

Restoring the Gospel

After a long FUN day

Yep He did it.

Playing in our Hotel in FL

Playing or FIGHTING?
The view from the Hotel...

Spencer Learned how to swim under water.

I love this little man.

Playing Mini Golf. HE LOVED IT

Our Little Hike in the Smokey Mountains
He was SOOOO scared of the hole.

First Time on a Go Cart

Another thing that he LOVES

The good thing about being a boy, you can "go" anywhere.
So that has been our summer, full of fun, and new things. We are looking forward to a beautiful fall and doing all the fun things that come along with it. The leaves are starting to turn, Let the cool weather begin.

Summer 09

First Time in a swing.

First Carrots


First Night in Her Crib

Mommy playing with camera and baby


It's been so long and so much has gone on, the pictures take for ever to load. The truth is I have been too lazy to catch up. Here is what we have been up to this summer. To be Continued....