4 Angels From Above

Instead of worrying about what our children will become tomorrow, remember that they are somebody today.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

She is here...

As I sit here waiting to be discharged, I figured I would let everyone know that Annabelle Louise came into the world in time for her grandma's birthday. April 21st, 2011 at 9:35 am. After a very easy delivery. She weighs 6 pounds 10 ounces, and she is 19 inches long. A tiny little head, she has her brothers eyes, her sisters nose, a fullness of black hair, and an attitude.
We are in love... (again)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sometimes we HAVE to be the nagging wife.

So I am sorry everyone, but pictures are not going to be happening fr a while. I have no more room in the free space of my blog. And the whole make a book thing is being a little harder then I expected, So I can't just make a book of 2009 and erase it from the file. (so if you have ever done it and have a easy site please let me know)

I would like to share with you about my day, Yesterday!!! And how the event of 3 weeks ago made my day so bad. Well here it goes.

My husband told me that after the baby was born he could only stay home for one week. (which is fine) but that after that week he would have to go to Louisiana for 2 weeks. Leaving me completely alone with my 2 kids and a NEWBORN for those 2 weeks. But that he would come back for one week and then leave again for another 2 weeks to Oklahoma. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! So after a few days of sitting on the Idea of being by myself for the entire month of MAY. I decided I would just move to Florida in May. But than I decided I could not be there for the whole month and had a breakdown. Especially after I found out that his boss took a month off to go to California to take care of his DOGS. (you see he is that kind of man, the one with no family, wife or kids, and believes that his Dogs can replace all that stuff) Well my wonderful husband understood why I was freaking out, and told his boss he would not be leaving me the week after the baby was here, and he would only be gone for 2 weeks in the end of May. Needless to say his boss was NOT happy and has been punishing him ever since.

He needed to go to Pennsylvania to pick up an airplane, and told me in the beginning of the week he would be gone for a couple days this week. I did NOT have a good feeling about the whole thing, but because I had already nagged at him for leaving I was not going to it this time. Even if I am 37 weeks prego, and baby can come any time. So he left on Thursday, and told me he would get on the plane and be home by noon on Friday, which was Spencer's birthday. Okay, well I get a call about 8:30 am from him saying... "there is something wrong with the plane and I cannot fly it home" My reply was simple and rude. "well... you get in the next commercial flight and be home by tonight for your son's party, and don't even think about picking this plane  up again until after the baby is born. I am not going to spend another night worrying that I might go into labor while you are not here."

I had a horrible night as it was, I never sleep well and he is not home. So I was tired and now I would have to tell my son that daddy might not be home for his birthday, and ask if he wanted to wait to open his presents or do it without daddy. I also would have to spend another day taking care of them by myself. Which lately is being a greater challenge than I can explain. We had an egg hunt in the morning, and Spencer was all over the place. He now knows that I don't have the strength or the desire to discipline him so he pretty much runs all over me. So no need to say I was frustrated, i came home and put them down for naps and had to make a chocolate cake, with strawberries, and skateboards... Yeah, that was the ugliest cake I ever made. But it tasted sooooo good. Well I had to pick up my husband from  the airport an hour before the party started at Chuck e Cheese. So I left my house at 3:40 pm for Nashville, to pick him up at 5. It should have been PLENTY of time. But since it "only" rains here for 3 months straight 24 hours a day, out of the year. There are still idiots who cannot drive. And of course there was an accident, which cause 35 minutes of COMPLETE Stop in the interstate. While listening to Spencer complaining about how long it was taking, and telling me to go faster, and reminding me that I had just past the entrance to Chuck E cheese.

I could feel my blood boilling as I sat there not moving, I could hear myself say... Why didn't I just told him to stay. And put my foot down, and not care about being nagging. I could also swim on the selfpitty I was drowning myself in. I was MAD at the world around me. As soon as we past the accident, (which by the way was caused by a stupid truck driver who was trying to pass someone one the left lane, during a thunderstorm)  Why can't they just stay on the right where they belong?  I DROVE LIKE A MAD WOMAN... Knowing I would be late for my own son's birthday made me feel like the worst mom alive, And it was not EVEN my fault. I had road rage, I don't usually do. I never felt so angry while driving actually, I was the crazy woman flashing people out of the way, Which by the way... If you are a small sedan with a Suburban flashing you to move over. DO IT, I could ran you over. Anyways... We got to the airport, and my husband was greeted with a... "JUST GET IN THE FREAKING CAR" and we took off.

We made it to the party, the kids had a lot of fun. Spencer will never remember how crappy the day was. But I am still bitter, because in trying to be an understanding wife. I caused a whole lot of stress and the worst day. Now as I look back it doesn't seam like it should have been that bad. But boy, these pregnancy hormones threw me in for a loop.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh... Today.

Do you ever have days when you wake up and the first words out of your mouth are...

Oh CRAP!!! (my blog, I can use the "C" word)

Well today I was woken up 10 minutes before the kids know to come in my room. It was Stephanie...

Mommy!!!, MOMMY!!! MOMMY!!!

Yessss! What do you want?

 (as she puts out her hands, and wanting me to grab whatever it is she has to give me. That is soooo important, that she has to wake me up for it.)

What is it? 
(as I reach and grabbed what she handed me)


Oh, Crap! Really?? 

I have been up for about an hour, and it hasn't gotten any better. I may have to duck tape these kids together today. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

And she is 2! 8O)

So my little girl turned 2 a couple of weeks ago, and thanks to life being soooo busy and crazy. We were just now able to have her party. Which worked out great cause it was the ONE nice day we have had in weeks.
Her theme was Princess, and so we invited all the princesses to join us. It was a small celebration for our little girl soon to be big sister.

One party down, one to go... In 2 weeks. Thank goodness, Chuck e Cheese will step in and do it all, for an outrageous price. 

P.S. Are you wondering why my children are all born with in a month of each other? No, it's not a birthday, or anniversary, or anything actually. I am not sure why this happens other than August is my good month. But at least all of the babies clothes are all the right seasons. And my maternity clothe are the same too. The bad thing is trying to throw so many birthday parties so close together. I have a sister who's birthday is the day after mine, and I hate it having parties together, sooo I will try not to do the same to my poor kids.