4 Angels From Above

Instead of worrying about what our children will become tomorrow, remember that they are somebody today.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Personality Traits.

Meet 2 of my three angels...
This is Spencer Nicholas, he is 5 years old, and 49 inches long. He loves to play WII, Soccer, swim, and bug his little sister.

This is Stephanie, she is in her awesome terrible 2's stage and because she is a girl the DRAMA come naturally. She is a sweet girl, with all sorts of bad ideas. *Just today, I caught her in front of the toilet with her pants down, holding on to her, well more like pinching the junk out her girl parts to point it at the toilet while making a puddle on the floor. And when I told her she is a girl and needs to sit on the toilet she looked at me as if I am crazy pulled her wet pants up and walked away. It's also the stage where if Spencer doe it than I can do it too.  Awesome, Awesome Stage!!!

I am convinced that you are who you will become. Let me explain... My children come from Heaven loaded with extremely dangerous ideas, and very little fear of executing them. Hence all the injuries at our house. 
They don't think twice about climbing on glass coffee tables, sliding down wooden stairs inside sleeping bags,  jumping in a swimming pool without water wings, and they look at a wall with shelves and imagine it to be a rock climbing wall.

They also learn how to climb out of their cribs by the time they were 15 months old, by throwing themselves head first onto the floor forcing us to put them in real beds for the fear of ending up with paraplegic kids. They also have a poop fetish, I am not sure why they love to touch it and rub in all the places that poop should never touch. My daughter waxed our wooden floors last year with it while I was knocked out with pain killers from removing a wisdom tooth. And she also put a pellet of it up her nose in another occasion. My son used it as chalk to color the walls in his room when I though he was sleeping. 

I know there are many children out there who don't do this kind of stuff. Sooooo??? WHY ME? Well when my children's creativity and skill are put into good actions they are amazing... Spencer learned how to ride his bike without training wheels on his birthday when he turned 4 years old. He also memorized the first 4 Articles of faith when he was 3. He could sing and say clear words at a very early age. He can make a paper airplane that flies faster and longer than many adults can. He is an amazing soccer player for his age, he scored most of the goals in his games. And he is pretty much a little leader, he leads all his little friends to execute his bad ideas with him.

Stephanie can ride a scooter, she potty trained herself the month after she turned 2. She can sing most of the ABC song. And have I mentioned they can both understand 3 languages. Sooo, I will continue to clean poop, and wipe bloody noses, As long as my children continue to develop their little brains, eventually some day they will use it mostly for good. I hope!!!

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