4 Angels From Above

Instead of worrying about what our children will become tomorrow, remember that they are somebody today.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Never too Young.

Did you ever have such a great unexpected day? I mean you know when you are going to have a great day filled with fun things, and yummy food. Sometimes you even loose sleep over it. 

Like when I was 13 and went to Disney world for the first time, or when my mom had to give me a sleeping pill the night before my wedding.  Or when I was in the hospital waiting for miss Stephanie to come... Well, yesterday was a day like that. 

No, I did not see Mickey Mouse, or became a polygamist, or had my baby. I simply spent one perfect day with my daughter. A day I had no idea would turn out to be so great, until it was over and I rested my head on my pillow and smiled before I fell asleep.

We woke up and went shopping, at a town near by. We really didn't buy anything magical, in fact all we bought was cold medicine, table decorations for a party Saturday, and yarn for Annabelle's blessing blanket. Oh... and some food. 

But the whole time she was a perfect little girl. She didn't even go in the cart, and she did not try to run away. She walked with me, talked as if I understood her, and even chose a Hello Kitty sticker book and asked me if she could have it? How can I say NO to that little face? So yes I payed $5 dollars for a, so not worth it bunch of stickers. We also went to eat soup and sandwiches at Panera, She had all her food while sitting in this grown up chair. I had people come ask me if she was this good all the time. (hahaha I should have directed them to my blog, and let them read my Sunday experiences) 

Well we came home, took a much needed nap and went to get pedis. It was her first time, and it was so cute.  She was all about choosing color and getting her piggies and nails painted. She also loved to soak her feet in with mine.

My husband rolled his eyes, and brushed it off as silly. He does not get how big of a deal it is for mommy and daughter to get pedicures for the first time.  

The truth is.. 

This 6 foot 3 inches, 200+ pounds of Hunk a chunk, pure sexy, macho man. (does that even make any sense?)  
Is terrified of having 2 little girls, whom he will be responsible for the next 18+ years. 
All I got to say to him is... Do you remember this?

or how about this?

I am sure you do! Do you remember how you felt? Well that was my equivalent of, first time shooting and fishing with my daughter. Except instead of loud noise and slimy stinky fish. We got shiny, pretty pink and red toes.

Of course we could not have all the fun alone, so we took our friends Sara and Julia with us.
Thank you guys for coming.

And how better to finish a perfect day, than with a mini perfect little girls size Ice Cream??!!  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yay good news...

What your about to see is... well... 
a whole lot of woman 30 weeks pregnant with a whole little girl.

No... I am not comparing my size to that Grandfather clock behind me. It was just a poor planned, way in a hurry, walking out the door before we miss sacrament spot. 
But just so you don't go blind, here is something cute to look at.

Don't they look so cute and perfect? Well you should have seen them during sacrament, or maybe you heard them? You know...
 They were the ones who were, fighting over ponies, and crayons, and SNACKS. 

Yeah they were the ones who pointed out that the man up in the pulpit conducting was THEIR DADDY. 

Yup...  they were trying to write on the Hymn books, and rolling under the seats. 

They were the ones who got smacked in the middle of the meeting, and got their mouths held shut so they would not cry too loud.  

Oh you heard about them??! 

Yeah I am the mean woman who has to put up with it. And TRY to keep them quiet for an hour. 

And hey if you have a problem with it. Too bad, cause in a few weeks there will be THREE of them. hahahaha
These precious kids make my world spin, they are the reason I breathe, and the meaning of my life here on Earth. 
But I do have good news... This Momma, does not have Gestational Diabetes after all. And that my friends... is a great reason to smile, and celebrate with a chocolate turnover. 

Wanna join me?

Friday, February 18, 2011

I am freaking out a little.

Since I was first married, I realized that I have drops in my blood pressure. To the point of fainting. It's happened a few times in the 7 years we have been married. Mainly it happened when I would take a hot shower, or got up to fast. It came to a point where I can feel it coming, and can sit in time before blacking out and not blackout at all. Great!!! 

Pregnancy of my 3rd little angel has brought that on full force. You will find me on the floor calling for Spencer to bring me water or the phone every couple weeks or so. Speaking with my doctor this past time, he reassured me  it was a low blood pressure thing, since my BP was 95 over 57 in the office that day. He also told me to take it easy, get up slow, and all that good stuff. Well I found out yesterday that I failed my 1 hour glucose test by ONE friggen point. Needless to say I am a little worried.

Three of my grandparents suffered from diabetes, and with the fainting episodes I am a little scared of having it. I never had it before, and I have no idea how to care for it. Next Wednesday I will be taking the 3 hour test, to see if I indeed have it or not. But I have already started eating salads and drinking only water. I will miss you COKE!!! sniff sniff...

I always thought that when people said that pregnancy becomes harder and with more problems as you get older was not true. Well this one has definitely proven me wrong. I have never had sciatic pain with the other two, Well... Now I walk as to keep it from hurting so bad, and even then I need to let hot water run on my back at night before I go to bed. I am definitely more tired, and lack energy.  And the sad thing is... I am the smallest I have ever been this far along. So if you have any words of wisdom to help me and lift up my spirits this week please do...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Love day...

One of the best things about coming to the U.S. from another country is that one can embrace 2 different cultures. Since our family is made out of 3 (Brazil, Spain, and US) we can pick and choose what we bring into our family. And in we I mean ME.
For example... In Brazil Christmas is big but not nearly as big as in the US, here the decorations, and trees, and traditions are far beyond any other I have seen. In Spain Christmas is not big at all, No decor, or presents on that day. They open their gifts on 3 kings day which is Jan, 6th. Since Christmas is my favorite holiday, we took on full load of US Christmas, New Years in Brazil is HUGE... It's actually the second country in the world that consumes the most fire works, after China. And we set it all off at midnight on Dec. 31st. It is beautiful.   So we embraced that one too.
This is a picture of Rio de Janeiro, can you see all the people out on the beach???

Anyways back to my point, I remember coming here and HATING this Valentines Day thing. It is something we never really understood and partook of while I was growing up. I remember walking down the hallways in my freshmen year getting hit on the face with balloons that the "popular" girls would carry. They would walk by in their very SHORT shorts and 3 dozen roses, 10 carnations, and 8 balloons, 5 cards. and oh the disgusting make out sections in between classes. I remember sitting in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th block when the "cupid" came in to deliver carnations and cards to the other 20 girls in class, and never one for me. OH HOW I HATED THIS CURSED DAY.  Jealous? no, Not me!!?? 

Ok, ok, maybe a little... but one thing I am glad I never did... Is I never sold myself short in order to become popular or deserve a rose or balloon from some guy who is now, probably too fat,  and loosing his hair a beer gut and a dead beat job. hahahahaha Nope never dated THAT looser. I remember in 10th grade, begging my mom to let me stay home from school on the cursed Feb, 14th. She didn't... 
I cried myself to sleep the night before just thinking of how awful my day would be, and I was right. It was a repetition of the year before. She knew I had been crying and sad the whole day as soon as she took one look at me. Well... I came home to find on my bed, a balloon, a bag of pink and red M&M's some flowers, and a card, that said something like this, "I know how hard it must have been to not carry a heart shaped balloon today, but because of your integrity and purity someday, someone will give you his whole heart to carry around, not just for a day but for eternity." 
Boy was she right, I would not change a thing. The heart that was prepared for me to carry around for Eternity is far better then anything else that anyone could get for V-day. It was not until I was married that I realized that it can be a good thing. And only after I had children I understood the whole US culture behind it. And this year, I embraced it with all I had. My mom was my first Valentine at the age of 14, and my next one was my husband, at the age of 19, and at 26 I had the sweetest, cutest valentines. My son and Daughter, and they all turned a bitter day, into one of the sweetest time of the year. Soooo. welcome into the family U.S. love day.

I taught a 4 year old to take pictures...

And he left with the camera, and came back with this picture. 

We made cookies for his School Valentines.

So proud of his hard work.

 Stephanie Loved the Frosting.

 We attempted on Heart Shaped pancakes.

And of course, no fun day is over without a wrestling section with Daddy.

HUM... Do you think we can fit another little girl on that horsey ride? Maybe Daddy's back is like Mommy's heart. It expands to fit everyone!!??

Hope you had as good V-Day as we did.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I told you I could disappear.

So New beginnings was a success, Hopefully I will have some pictures sometime to share with you.
We went on our 4 days vacation to the Smokey Mountains. We stayed at this HUGE cabin. And we went skiing, go carting, put put golfing. So here enjoy the pictures...

Did I say we??!! Oh no, I mean they did!!! I just saw pictures of the whole thing. 
But it was fun... Until I saw pictures of myself, and wow COW... Grows. No more pictures of me allowed.

I have great friends, This week they were so nice and sneaky and they threw me and another one of my friends Bethany a surprise baby shower. HOW NICE WAS THAT? It was so fun, we are due a week apart, and she is having a boy. So the shower was all pink and blue. 

I also threw a shower for another friend yesterday, she is also having a little boy, and she is due 2 weeks before me. I didn't do it alone, I had amazing help. Thank goodness cause in the end of the day I was EXHAUSTED. We made some sandwiches for the shower, and I made over 100 little dinner rolls. My kitchen looked like it threw up on it self but it smelled amazing. 

 I do not take credit for these... I wish I could. But they are the most delicious crispy treats, I ever had and they made great shower favors. Aren't they cute. 

Well It's been a busy 2 weeks, and I can't wait till tomorrow. I can't wait to make V-day fun and special for the kids, and then put them to bed early and have a date in with my hunny. We will see how it goes. But first things first. HIT THE GYM in the morning... PLEASE. Does any one know how to burn fat off your face? maybe if I laugh more???!!!