4 Angels From Above

Instead of worrying about what our children will become tomorrow, remember that they are somebody today.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Changing Saturdays Creation.

Monday: God created Heaven and Earth, and Day and Night.
Tuesday: He divided the waters and the firmament.
Wednesday: He created the grass, and the trees, made so the trees would produce fruits.
Thursday: He created the Sun, to rule the day, and the moon to rule the night, and the stars.
Friday: God created the whales and all the living creatures under the sea.
Saturday: God, said: Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping things, and beasts of the earth.

wow, Wow, WOW... Rewind... 
Just the name makes me cringe. 

I may be the only one who sometimes think... "well in my world..."  For example: When I create a world, chocolate will NOT give any one zits, and will be part of the food pyramid. NO one will have a bad hair day. THERE will be no money involved. And now of course... NO CREEPING THINGS! 
God could have saved some time, and not have made, roaches, and TICKS, and ants, and oh, THE SPIDERS.
Can you see the size of this BEAST. 
This creeping thing, was on the back of the house, and I found it when I was mowing last week. 

Really no point on these thing being around in my mind...
God also created man on Saturday, I thought of getting rid of the day completely but I just could not give p the good things that comes with Saturdays.
Like baking Brownies with my kiddos,
Or relaxing, while eating all of my chocolate chips. (which if you remember, it's perfectly ok... Because it in the bottom of the food pyramid)
Having a sleep over with some good'ol friends.
Creating a masterpiece.
And over all... Just spending time with loved ones. 

No More Fridays...

Monday: God created Heaven and Earth, and Day and Night.
Tuesday: He divided the waters and the firmament.
Wednesday: He created the grass, and the trees, made so the trees would produce fruits.
Thursday: He created the Sun, to rule the day, and the moon to rule the night, and the stars.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Soooo Busy!!!

My life has been so busy lately... I am taking photos like no tomorrow, log on to my other blog to see some coming soon! martosphotography.blogspot.com I have not been a good blogger, But some exciting things have happened. Stephanie is a good little talker lately. I was worried she was not making an effort to talk at all. But in the past week or so she started saying some words...
Mommammamma (when she is crying)
and her third word was... SHOE (i think I am in a bit trouble)
She is also making an effort to say other words but I still cannot understand,

Well moving on to some other news... We found out that we needed a bigger car, (for reasons I was told not to disclose) Let's just say the car told us. And $500.00 dollars later we got the message! LOUD AND CLEAR! So we had to get a another one and it could not be a Van. SOOO..... Good Bye future dream van... Yes I was dreaming of a van in a couple of years! After all I am a Mormon Mommy! You know the ones that opens the door automatically, and the captains chair, and all the room in the world??? Yeah one of those I wanted. However...
I am just as happy if not more with my second Mormon mommy car of choice! A mist gold Suburban. And it does have all the room in the world. Actually I LOVE IT! I feel like I am driving the Truck all over again. You know the one my husband against my will traded in for his Lawn mower, I mean Mustang.  Spencer also loves the car, he tells me. I love you mommy and I love our new car.
I do have to thank my father in law for making it possible.

In another note... I have a few of them today. I had a surprise at church today... As I was leaving the for church today I received a text message from my husband, (will you be in time for sacrament meeting today?) I know I know... It's sad that such questions is asked, but it's the truth, my truth. Anyways I replied with a SURE! As I grabbed the diaper bag, my purse, my 17 month, old and a glass of milk as breakfast. Screamed at my 4 years old to get in the car and put his seat belt. And took the 30 minute journey to church. I got there as the bishop stood to talk, and as I looked at the stand the Stake presidency was there. And if your a Mormon you know that means trouble. Yep!!! Just in time to sustain my husband as first counselor in the bishopric. My first thought??!! I better get used to having a glass of milk for breakfast on Sunday mornings, this will be a very long Journey! 
And I saved the very best for last!!!
I went to Dr.'s office this week to get the test results. And I have GREAT news. I have a genetic condition, it's a blood clotting condition, My THICK blood causes little clots which are fatal for a fetus the size of a pinhead, and all I have to do is take some baby aspirin and some folic acid, if that doesn't work then I have to take blood thinners. Which can be a little dangerous, but I will do anything. Lots of prayer from now on and back to the journey we go. Wish me luck.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The (not so) Hard life...

I know... I know... for the past 2 weeks we have been in vacation. While daddy has worked over 15 hour days. I am not proud of that. The pool and the beach in the other hand has seen us at least once a day, everyday. I would not complain, if it was not for the fact that my hair now has a mind of it's own... After so much salt, sun and chlorine, it now has days to look like a mop and others to look like hay straws.  Which is great, I mean I've always wandered how I would look as a scare crow. 
Anyways, yesterday we went to the beach again and the kids are getting bored with it... Did you know that running back and forth between trying to drown and getting hit by a car only keeps a kid entertained for a short while? Well it does... and a mother has only so many... " Spencer, don't go so deep!" while running after the other screaming... "and you, Stephanie... STOP. look the car is coming!"  So mommy got her hands dirty, and once again got sand all over areas that should not have sand... I really don't like sand. But we built a HUGE sand castle. The kids had fun for a little while, they were so excited with the idea of building a castle taller then them. Until I told them they could not destroy it, because it was for pictures purpose only!!! I mean... can you imagine how cute that page will be? I already know which stickers to buy at Michaels.
Well, before I go off to another pool gathering today I wanted to post some of the pics we took. So daddy can at least see the fun we are having. 
But lets make it CLEAR as mud... I miss you more then ever hunny, and really wish you were here.

Ok... So I have to write this down before I forget...
About a month ago, when Diane was up at our house and the kids were playing outside... She stepped out to lather her kids with sun screen. After finishing her kids she turned to Spencer and asked him if it was his turn. This was his reply... "Nahh... Jesus made me with skin that doesn't burn!" I have no Idea where he got that one... And Yes I do lather them with sun screen too, but still they tan more then me... Must be the Spaniard blood in them...   

Cheetos, great at the beach. NOT so great in the car.

Spencer and Andrew's finishing touch...

I cannot believe my little man is swimming like a fish. He is soooo good at it.
And this little one is not too far behind. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All the things we've done...

So... I came here tonight to tell you about all the things we have done lately. Tell you how we have been surrounded with family and friends. Doing all sorts of fun things...
Tell you all about the places that this little feet has been in, and all the miles it has walked (Ran)... BUT...
I just realized that I did not take my camera with me, to any of it. So I will just tell you about it... We have been to the beach a few times, and to the children's museum, and the Pool, and SHOPPING. We have gone to garage sales and farmers market... 
We have played outside, and gone to eat some yummy things. We walked and looked for shells at the beach and dug a few holes and got sand up our crack. We learned that water wings are indeed freedom and not an arm lock down. We learned that falling of the shopping cart at Target head first on the floor is not fun, and that jumping in the bed will get you in trouble very fast.  We learned that mommy is not a happy person at 6 in the morning, and that 4 year olds may not share a room with a toddler. We ran to the street while mommy got up to get a drink, and grandma had to be speedy Gonzales for a second there. So after so much fun... 
It's only fair that we end a long day like this...

Nothings warms a mothers heart more then seeing her sleepy baby, after a long day of "fun".

If only Daddy could be here to join the fun... We miss you daddy!!! We will see you soon... But for now we will continue to drive mommy crazy and making her walk miles after us, with no break after 6 P.M.