4 Angels From Above

Instead of worrying about what our children will become tomorrow, remember that they are somebody today.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jesus has been here?!!?

About 3 weeks ago my son came into our bed around 7 am on a Saturday, and got in between my husband and I. As I turned to him He said out of the blue.

Mommy, Jesus came to my room last night and told me I am going to have a baby brother so he can be my friend. 

Besides the first shock of the moment, we thought it was extremely cute and just kind of put it behind us. But when he asks when the baby will come. I tell him to pray and ask Heavenly father to send us one... 

And So he told me he would.

This morning as I went into my daughters bedroom to pick her up. He said ( and I quote)

Mommy, Jesus came to room again last night. And I told him we needed a baby.

Oh did you? And what did he say?

He was walking with me,

Wow! As I thought of the great imagination my son has. I asked 

Where were you walking at?

We were going to your room. But when we got there he flew away.

Ok Now I am a little freaked out and goose bumps are all over me. And he continued.

He was walking with his light bulbs...

UFFF I am so relieved I was almost believing him. So I asked.

Light bulbs??? Why was Jesus walking with Light bulbs? Silly!

Because that is how he shines in the dark, and that way I can follow him.


He did mommy, he came to my room with Jophis (JOSEPH) 

Who is Joseph?

It's Jesus son, he told me that!

Now I know that children have an imagination, but I am not so sure my barely 4 year old could have made all that up? What do you guys think? Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why man could not be MOTHERS...

Today I went to Tullahoma where my husband works, about 25 min away from my house. It also is the town where they have KROGER the other super market besides Wal Mart. While we were there we payed a visit to daddy, and were looking forward to having lunch with him.  

I have to give you a little back ground of what my husband does in order for you to understand my frustration. He is an Aerospace Engineer and Flight test pilot. What is that?! I know I have spent the last 7 years trying to grasp it myself. In a nut shell, he flies airplanes with different equipment in it, that gathers data and helps solve some kind of problem. Last year he worked on making a simulator that trains airline pilots, on how to fly with Ice on the wings. Right now they are working with NASA to help better the weather reading towers, that helps NOAA to provide us with the correct weather. I know it's a lot more then that, and much more complicated but it is what I got out of the explanation. If you would like a better explanation go HERE.

That's my husband on the right! I am so proud of him!

Anyways... Back to my story. I called him before I left the house, around 9:30 am, he did not answer so I knew he was flying. I past some time and went grocery shopping, and came to the airport at 12:30 pm. I figured they have to eat sometime and I would wait for him, 10 min later they landed. He came and told me he needed to debrief?!! Mommy language please... Talk about the flight. Ok!!! Much better. He also told me that it can take about 10 minutes. Hey I waited till now so what's a few more. But I went to the meeting with him. To hear them "debrief".  After 5 min, they decided that the data that was gathered today was not enough to finish the project. Today was supposedly their last flight for this specific project. They needed another flight. But now we have a problem there needs to be another 3 flights before the end of the week for a different reason, and they did not know if they had the fundings to do another flight for NOAA. So they called the big guy . Who really is 5 foot 5 and weighs about 110 pounds. Who is now in CALIFORNIA enjoying life. This is where my motherly skills came in. C'mon ladies... What would any mother do? 

Examine the facts. Not enough data, need another flight. We have checked the weather and the budget and tomorrow would be a perfect day to redo the flight.

What are the obstacles: We need to do 3 more flights, before the plane goes down next week for maintenance.

Solution: Fly tomorrow morning, finish the this project. And play it by ear as to when to fly the next 3 tests. After all it all depends on the weather, and we ALL know we cannot control it. 

Problem SOLVED. 

It took them 35 minutes to come with that solution over a phone conference with the BIG little guy. 

 The thing that amazes me is... in that room. There were... 3 PHD graduates, 1 Master graduate, and 3 potential master graduates (they are graduating with the next few months) 1 PHD over the phone, and ME! Who graduated high school, but am currently working on a PHD for Domestic engineer.  AND IT TOOK THEM THAT LONG? 

No wonder man take forever to get anything done. It takes them 45 minutes to come up with a common sense solution. And they would not survive as a mother, because we are making decisions every minute of the day if we took that long, our kids would not live much longer than a day.

Friday, May 21, 2010

If just for a moment... I could've killed him!

Do you ever have one of those moment where you feel accomplished? I have to admit that... it does not come often around here, but today it did. I stood back about 4 feet from my kitchen and family room, I admired my clean kitchen, and my living room all picked up except for the perfectly folded laundry on the couch, the bedrooms are clean and tidy. The only sound I could hear was my music. My son played Nintendo, and Daughter sound asleep. And I though...  "4 toilets to scrub and I have accomplished a somewhat clean and organized house for the day". Which does not come around very often either.

That was when I heard another sound... My first born child, oh! How I love him... 


Yes baby! 
I waited for a sweet, I love you! Or you are the best mommy! Or anything but what he said next...

This house is sooooo dirty, you really have to make it clean, and make it shiny. 

It's easy for him to say!!! All he has to do is... (a little while latter after much thinking) 
That's right nothing. All he does is make it dirty and tells me to clean it. He is such a man already!

So here are some of the things he does, to make me fall in love with him. He is a lucky one, because just for a moment there, I really could have killed him.

Can you see? Please notice the feet. coming out of the prize dispenser.

Trying to steel goodies from the machine... I told you my kids are thief s.


Thank goodness this one only makes a mess. She does not tell me to clean it up yet!


So now excuse me... I am going to mop and make it SHINE!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I was one of those silly teenagers who judged the mothers for taking their kids to see the guy so often... "that kind of relationship cannot be good for them" and so I thought. The thing is, it is good for them! It's the only way they live through some days... SO THANK YOU MR. Ronald. you have saved my children's life many times.

Do you ever wake up and decide that "TODAY IS A MCDS DAY!" a place that I can go and just let the kids be kids, and not think of the mess I will have to clean, or worry about what is for lunch.

Yes!!! Chicken, Apple Juice and apple slices makes a perfectly healthy meal. Right? or am I the crazy really bad mom?!

And the kids even get a whole new toy to take home or throw it down the slide. This right here is my baby girl' s first McDonalds Junk, I mean toy.

I was actually impressed a lip gloss and mirror? How perfect for a little vain princess.

However I have to admit... it is these very toys that brought me to a very need task today.
It was.... 

tum tum tum 


And through the process I found out that cleaning the toy box is like playing a country song backwards... I mean you get everything that you lost back. For instance,

All those socks that you cannot find the pair.

And you wonder... who put them there?

I have no IDEA! 

You also find the part of the toy you thought was broken.

And that favorite nail polish.

Oh and don't forget those sandals that you had to buy new ones because you thought they were lost.

And of course the bow you have been looking for every time you go out.

Now if you have any clue as to who made alllllll these things disappear, please tell ME!

I also have to brag about my victory today... Stephanie started the day with one pony tail, Which was up grated to 2 piggy tails after she pulled the one out, which was up grated to a 5 Poggy tails. A mixture of piggies and ponies. It went something like this.

Which she left it on ALL day. I guess she was afraid that I would put a band upon all 100 hairs of hers.

Disclaimer: I found out while cleaning the toy box, that my child has an obsession, and is also a thief... If any of these toys belong to you please claim it as soon as possible. We will make arrangements to return it to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Money Money Money...

I have  decided that life is too much about money, and I HATE THE THING!
As much as one tries not to let it take over your life, one can't help it. REALLY! Think about it... From the time a baby is conceived in the uterus it is already in debt. I just received a bill for $60 dollars from the miscarriage I had in January. For 40 weeks you pay $20 dollars if your lucky enough to have insurance for co-pays. Than the big moment comes, and for a normal no complications delivery the bill came to 12  grand.

Cost for first year (excluding college) is $11,114
Total cost is $251,236

My goodness we want at least 4, Who really can live like this? Is it so wrong that I want to put down some pavers in the back for the pool that I bought on sale out of season 2 years ago? No!  However I could buy 20 pools for the price it would cost to put down rocks on my yard. Forget the rocks, how about some pretty flowers?? It's my believe that If Heavenly Father created them, than it should not be that expensive after all he did all the hard work, and did NOT charge for the labor.

Sorry I am just a little bitter, Cause I wanted to buy flowers but could not justify to pay that much just so they all die in the winter. It's like tossing money in the toilet.  alhdnoiiiiiiiiiiiissjjjjjjjjjjjjdddn feajih

'uyhwsyuuiklw3aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (excuse the nonsense my daughter had a thing to say about the subject while I went to check on dinner.)

Tonight I will find a star and wish upon it. A world where money does not mean anything, where people would trade skills and talents in order to live. You know I'll fix your lights if you give me some veggies?

Well if any one is Interested to Begin this with me... I can take some really stinking cute pictures of your kids and my husband can design airplanes and fly you around. I'll trade a session of photos for some land scapeing please!

HUM!!! With those skills and talents I think we would not live long. Really who needs them? Maybe we should stick with the malicious, totally man made, cursed addiction to some, green paper thing...

Going along with the theme, I have a favorite quote.

"Money only makes Good people Better, and Bad people Worse!" author unknown.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Crash Course!!!

This is a CRASH COURSE (literally) of how to climb on furniture from the mind of a 14 month old!

Now I am finally learning the meaning of life, for the first year I thought kisses and hugs, tickle spots, and silly little songs were all I had signed up for by leaving the pre existence. I always thought there should be more to it, and I had hope that one day I would be able to walk and jump, run and sing and talk and scream. That other little kid who is always around is able to, so why not me? Watch world I learned to walk before I was 11 months old, and I know that woman who is always giving me baths and putting me to sleep was impressed. Cause she smiled and clapped like an idiot when I took a step. So I did it very slowly just to see her make a complete full of herself.  

I have been walking now for 4 months, and I can run away from the annoying kid and the crazy lady. I can also jump on that big king size fluffy thing, and it's awesome. I can scream, and say mama and the lady smiles and picks me up when I am tired of walking. I also learned to defend my self from the annoying kid. I kick and scratch with this cool little things that the lady likes to put color on. But yesterday I decided it was time for bigger more thrilling things. So I picked my target, a glass coffee table, just tall enough that it would be a challenge.

As I tried for a few minutes to put my leg on top of that thing I new I had to think fast... After all you never know when they will figure out that I am a little too quiet. So I needed something to climb onto first. And I knew just the thing. The lady thought that this little doll stroller was cute when she gave it to me on my birthday.

So I pretended to push it around a little bit till I got it where I wanted it to be.

That's perfect! My master plan is going to work. I began by getting up on the stroller and as I went to go on to the table the ghurrags (that means something really bad in pre existence language) Stroller rolled away.

OUCH! I did not see that coming! Time to cry, oh no what is all this red stuff? No one warned me about this!!! I guess that was too big of a challenge for little old me.

I better take it easier from now on!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


It is my believe that coming home from the hospital with a new borne baby, or for some different reason and find out that the RS women from your ward have organized meals for a few days is best kind of service a person can receive. I have to say I believe, because I would not know how that feels. Our ward does not believe the same way I do. Must be that southern hospitality they so much talk about. Thanks to 2 friends and my mommy group I had dinner when I came home from the hospital last year and for 2 days after my mom left 5 days later leaving me with 2 kids to handle on my own for the first time. 

This blog at first was going to be about the amazing supper woman I was yesterday and the many tasks I accomplished, however after one of the events of the day. It took a different turn. Months ago my husband came to me with a broken heart, he had in a blessing told a woman that she had breast cancer. I cannot imagine how hard that would be. At that moment I knew I wanted to do something for her, and knowing that RS may not do a thing in the dinner department. I have volunteered to take her dinner every time after chemotherapy. So every third Saturday I bring her a home cooked meal, which is kind of inconvenient. Because Saturdays are my cooking day off. 

But as I went about my busy day yesterday doing this. 

That one very famous verse kept coming to my head.

"When ye are in the service of your fellow man, ye are only in the service of your God." 

You see! I was reminded yesterday, it is not enough to just do. If you go the extra mile, that is when you are really serving. Not just Dinner, but dessert. Not just make it, but put love into it, as if you were making it for the savior. 

So, when we ran out of supplies and my husband went to store for more wood. I put the children down for their nap. And as I prepared a lasagna my thoughts were directed to the hardship this woman is going through. And how life is different for everyone, all of the sudden my trials did not feel as big anymore. My hardship was lightened. And the words of a blessing I received a long time ago were whispered in my mind. In order to find yourself you must first lose yourself. 

So when I walked in the destroyed house, from the kids that had been inside unattended and found this I knew I could handle the challenges that came with motherhood.


My lovely daughter had found some tissue paper and turned it into a thousand little pieces. So never leave a present here!

At least my son was helpful and applied sunscreen on himself, (sigh) At least that is one less thing for me to do.

I don't think he will have a burnt forehead do you?

But in the end of the day when I went to check on my garden I had a present... Yes straight from Heavenly father. 

The first tomatoes, of the season. YUM... Can't wait to pick them and eat them with some salt.

So today at church the presidency lesson was on Good Works. There we go again! Heavenly father teaching me. One of the stories told was about the silverware, are you a fork? You know the kind that picks up everything, and clean everything from the plate mine, mine, mine. Or are you a knife? The kind that changes everything, that nothing is good enough the way that it is. You must always make some kind of a change. Or are you a spoon? The one that serves soup and cereal, and picks up the things that no one else does? We received a spoon covered with chocolate as our handout. And of course my children ate them instead of me. 

As I drove home and thought about what I am. I found out that I am a knife, I like things my way, and I always change things a little bit to please me. I also decided it was time to work on being more like a spoon. 
Then I got home and hit with reality. So here we go again, a new day full of challenges.

Thanks little chocolate spoon! You have served well. Now it's time for the knife to fix this.

P.S. please note that I am not and should not be an example of service to anyone, I am still learning myself, and really struggle with visiting teaching, and other things that should just come naturally to women. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

MOPS playdate

As I checked the weather everyday this week, with the forecast saying there was a 60% chance of rain. We prayed, and prayed. We planned a MOPS play date at our house. A water day, with a pool and a kiddie pool, and slip and slide, and water guns, playground, and oh my goodness a possibility of 30 or more kids. For those who don't know MOPS is a Christian based Mothers group, it stands for Mother Of Pre-Schoolers.  We have an amazing group of woman, who are raising kids all around the same ages, and who can't use some support and time with other adults? 
Well this morning comes around and as I jumped out of bed at 5:30 in the morning to look outside the window. YES! 5:30 and it's already daylight outside. It's ridiculous any other day but today I was glad.  I had forgotten to ask my husband to check the playground for wasp nest. So... MY AMAZING, SUPPER AWESOME, INCREDIBLY BRAVE, AND OH SO HOT HUSBAND CAME TO MY RESCUE. He slip into his supper hero outfit. (A jacket, gloves, full face helmet, pants, and shoes) He grabbed his weapon  (A can of wasp kill on contact killer and a screw driver) and headed out to save the day. Yes! Now I had to conquer the floors and we would be set. I am proud to say that I was swiping and mopping my floors at 6:30 am. Yeah that's right, I am going to brag about it. It will never happen again. 
Today was also a charity activity, everyone brought baby items to be donated to Pregnancy crisis center. So really it was a donation baby shower. 10:00am comes around and the day could not be better the kids are in the pool!

Everyone is having a good time. Thank goodness no rain. I really enjoyed having everyone over!
The kids enjoyed having everyone here, Stephanie though she was big stuff!
But in the end she realized she wasn't and just got in the water table!

Thank goodness it had 2 sides! They were fighting... They both wanted to sit on the same side!

REALLY?! Who does she think she is?

And since I did not have much to do yesterday... Only a 3 hour presidency meeting, followed by house cleaning, laundry, fish tacos for dinner (the only way I eat fish) and you know the usual mom everyday things... I baked and decorated a cake. 

Now I am here waiting for my supper hero to come home so we can go on a supper cool date tonight. And I will tell you tomorrow what it was.. Don't want to spoil the surprise you know?!! Cause I mean I don't even know what we are doing.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My mothers day weekend?

After the rain and floods of last week, we had some awesome, amazing, beautiful days. Too pretty to stay inside so we were off to the park. Stephanie was in Heaven with all the outdoor, and in between the eye scratching, sneezing and nose blowing because of all the pollen in the air, I enjoyed to see them out of the house. Releasing their energy somewhere else besides my couches. 
This baby LOOOVES the swing.

She will hand her shoes to the first person she sees expecting them to just put them back on.
Spencer is in love with his little play mate, he knows her limitations and helps her go up the stairs, and down the slides. When did my kids became old enough to play together?
After we came home, it was time for daddy to take Spencer out for his daily bike ride. However we are getting to a point in our lives, that whatever you do do to one  you must do to the other.

A little dangerous... But it was just so cute I had to get a picture!

or two...

Daddy wait for me!

On Saturday we had a hard day... We worked outside the entire day, and we could not ask for a more beautiful day. I told Spencer that we could set up his Pool. Last year the pool was on the middle of the yard. But our yard looked like it had been visited by aliens, because we have a circle of dead grass. Well this year we have a.... Redneck hot tub. It don't get anymore getto than this!  My goodness I think it's time to go back to Florida. It's rubbing off. HELP!!!
But both kids enjoyed the fun for a whole 5 minutes. Before they turned purple.
She would take 2 steps and shiver, another 2 steps and burrrrr!
Thank goodness he was there to hold those hose. What would we do without him!

Now I know you are thinking... It's mothers day weekend and my weekend was surrounded with activities for my kids... Well I got my presents.
I know you are jealous... Designer towels!
Hallmark Card!
And a rose straight from the florist!
However it does not stop there! They also cleaned my floors for me.
The funny thing is that she sat there quietly while he pulled her around!
I hope you all had as much fun this weekend as I did! Happy mother's day!