4 Angels From Above

Instead of worrying about what our children will become tomorrow, remember that they are somebody today.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thank you.

I have not blogged in a week, lame I know... But this is my problem, this makes my 100th post since I started and I wanted for it to be special. So it took me a week to think of something. Until this morning when I was reading a friends blog, SERENE is an amazing woman who says it like it is. She has 4 children under the age of 5 and is preggers with her 5th. Anyways she has posted things that she is grateful for. Instances in her life that someone went out of their way to help her. I have many things to be grateful for, funny cause yesterday's FHE lesson was on gratitude as well. I would like to share some moments with you. 

My husband and I have been married now for almost 7 years, when we got married we knew things would not be easy. He was in school full time and I was working, bringing home a woppin $1,200.00 dollars a month. When we got married, his dad asked us for our account number. Well that's weird, why would we give our account number to him so he could pass it on to a friend of his. Anyways we did it. We were blessed with our wedding to receive enough money that we could furnish our little apartment. With a couch, and TV, and some appliances.  Months later we were hit with a decision to make. Pay tithing or the bills, although I payed my tithing out of obedience I did not have a testimony of it until this day. It was a Sunday, we payed our tithing and as much as it hurt to see that money go. We knew it was the right thing to do. That same day we noticed that a mysterious $2,000.00 was deposited in our account. We don't know exactly who have it to us as a very late wedding gift, but no doubt it was a blessing. Not only it helped us through our financial deal, but it built my testimony for the law of tithing.

Another time, was just a couple weeks ago. When a friend noticed that I was not at church, and called me to tell me that she would be bringing me dinner. I have not been able to cook, without gagging lately, and I had just had a major breakdown in front of the kids. Complaining that I am away from my family, and I have no help with the kids. And All I wanted to do was go to MY MOM's house. I am sure she thought it was a small act of kindness, but she did the greatest thing that anyone could have done for me. Thanks Meag.!

Now keep it going... if you have a story of  gratitude, post it so we can see it.     

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am a failure as a mother..

Yesterday my son went to school, and when I picked him up I was given a NOTE. Oh no... My son had misbehaved at school. He did not play nice with others, and was rough with friends, and didn't listen to his teacher, and did not rest well, didn't eat much. But he was happy and energetic. 
So... Did he throw everything I ever taught him out of the window for a day? 
I never knew how disappointing a little piece of paper with your child's name on it and a bunch of frowny faces on it can be. 

And why do I feel like a failure? He did it. I taught him better, I PROMISE. 
So due to his awful note, he is grounded for the first time in his life. I mean he has been in time out many times but grounded?! That was supposed to be a few more years right? Anyways...NO TV, or VIDEO GAMES for 2 days. Until his teacher tells me that he was good tomorrow.
And most importantly NO MORE WRESTLING WITH DAD. 
All was good until he woke up this morning at 6AM. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHAT WAS I THINKING NO TV. This is more of a punishment for me then him. I mean thats how I get him to sit for a while. ESPECIALLY when I am not done sleeping. 

ONE MORE DAY, I can do this. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

They are so stinking smart....

The other day I was so tired of staying home, and since we live in this huge amazing town that contains nothing but one blinking light. we drove to the second biggest town around. About 20 minutes away, They don't have much either. But they have a Kmart, and I told Spencer we were going to go look at toys, and make a list of things that he wanted to ask Santa Clause for. 
He was so excited, but did not get the point that we were only making a list. When we got there he asked for everything in the shelf. I kept telling him " NO We are only looking " 
Finally he found IT. The winner of them all, and went crazy. 'Mommy, can I pleeeeassseee, have this one? It's soooooooo super coool. I reeeaaalllyy want it. PLEEEEAAASSSEE!"
ME: Well it is super cool. It's and air force base, (are you surprised? I am not) but we are not buying it today, we have to ask Santa remember?

He walked away with his huge box, rolled his eyes, and said (more like Screamed). "I know, I know, it's too much BUCKS." I had about 5 isles in every direction staring at me laughing. 

Where do they get this stuff?
I am not sure what to do with kids these days. They are funny. Life with them is exciting, and you never have a dull moment. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oh NO!!! The itch is back.

Yesterday I had the itch, and I had to break out all the scrapping tools. All the paper, and the stickers and idea books, and photos. You see I have 29 weeks if that to finish 6 months of my daughters first year of life. Ahhhh! What was I thinking getting pregnant without finishing her first book. Well that was when I noticed that I was running out of photos to scrap. I decided I would finish those pics and order some more today. Well can I just say... IT TOOK FOREVER to make 4 pages, I mean like 3 hours.  To scrap Babies first real meal, and First time to the beach. Really? I have been scrapping for over 10 years now. NO JOKE. I think I was 14 when I started. I remember it took forever back then. 
But NOW... For ever is even more ever! I though once I got good at it, it would be a piece of cake. NO... it only takes longer. I am so particular about where things go, and how my pages are. Don't get me wrong... I think I am pretty good at it, and it looks awesome. But still people... 29 weeks? Who takes this many pictures anyways? Anyone want to get together and have a scrapping party? Where we can all come and enjoy each others company and scrap MY photos?

 Do to the common flu barging in our house for the second time in 2 months, the following contents have snots and boogers. Viewer discretion is advised. Rated N for Nasty.

 Apparently I spent way to long ordering new prints today, my kids turned into zombies....
Boogers, Green teeth and all... She is still my cutie pie.

As I put Spencer to bed tonight, I stared at the wall above his bed. And asked a very stupid question. To which I received an even stupider answer.
ME: Spencer, did you touch the letters of your name?
SPENCER: No mommy, I promise. 

No... I am pretty sure the Zombie with the green teeth could not have reached it. But who knows?! I no longer have any control of what goes on around here, not the house, not the kids, not even my own body. 
But I would not change a single thing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Impact week...

Hi Ladies, I have been following an amazing week at HOUSE OF SARAGER and it is all about moments in our lives that made an impact or times were we made an impact. As I though about my moments, I am sure there are many. But todays story reminded me of a sweet moment I had when I was 14 years old. So I would like to share it with you. 

It was Christmas Eve and we were all getting ready to go to dinner at my uncle's house. The little kids were ready, I was in the shower and my parents were also getting dressed. I could hear outsides the door my little sisters playing tag. Andressa was 8, Larissa was 3. When something went incredibly wrong, and we heard that piercing scream. You know, the one that makes your heart skip a beat. 

I grabbed a towel, and got out just to see Larissa the 3 year old covered in blood with her mouth split open. While playing and running around, a door was smacked open hit the wall behind it and came back right in time to hit her on the face. My parents put her in the cars a raced to the hospital, I was home with Andressa, desperate to know that everything would be okay. Trying to be helpful I grabbed a bucket with some soapy water and tried to scrub the blood out of the carpet. 

As I cried and scrubbed, I told Andressa that it was her falt for running in the house, she should have know better. My heart skipped a beat once again, when I came across a tooth about 1 inch long. Larissa's canine tooth came out, all the way to root. Andressa was crying and left the room, and I called my parents to tell them what I had found. After I told them they said there was nothing they could do to fix it, and told me to go tell Andressa that it was not her fault,and that they loved her. Wow that was the first lesson I learned that day, A parents love is unconditional, even when we make mistakes as big as that one. The second came soon after.

As I went to look for my sister, I found her in the middle of the living room. Kneeling, with hear head bowed and her arms crossed in perfect humility. Begging Heavenly Father to take care of Larissa, and bring her home safely.  Seeing this child come to Heavenly Father on her own, when she knew there was nothing she could do about it. But had the Faith to ask the only one who could, in the midst of of all the commotion of the night. She taught me the greatest lesson about prayer, I don't know that she knows this, and as I write this down I have tears rolling down my face. Because the lesson I learned that night has been the only thing that has gotten me through some really hard trials. 

I am proud of the young woman that she has become, she herself has had some really hard times lately. But just like when she was eight, Heavenly Father answered her prayers, I know that he will continue to do so throughout her life. I am so blessed to have such a great special spirit in this earth as my Sister. I love her, and I am grateful everyday that we can help each other get back up from the great falls of this life.

Isn't she beautiful? Inside and out? And guess what... She is single, thanks to a few jerks on earth.

Vanessa and Andressa: Friends in Heaven, Sisters forever.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We do go out of the house...

...Sometimes that is.
Last Friday we went to the pumpkin patch with our friends and it was so much fun. It was Stephanie's first time, we slacked last year and skipped the whole thing. And I would love to go on about all that we did, but staring at this computer only makes me nauseous. So I will let the photos tell you the story...

The End!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I was not ready for this...

So as many of you know, we are expecting and if you have been following our blog you know how hard that has been. To get to this point, there has been many heart ache, lots of tears, and tons of blood work. What we found  with the blood work is, that I make blood clots which deprives the baby of oxygen and nutrients, causing the little bean to stop growing. We also found that I don't make enough hormones, which is totally funny. Because if you ask my husband he will tell you I make enough of it for the whole neighborhood. Anyways, Progesterone is a hormone that keeps the baby alive for the first 12 weeks of their lives until the placenta takes over. 

In order to fix all this I am taking 4 daily pills. Welcome to my morning cocktail.
These are my Folic Acid, I forgot to mention... That Anemia runs in my family! That's why I need these.
Side effects: my blood does not float around anymore when tested, it actually goes down because it's strong enough.
These are my Prenatal Tabs. Nothing new there.
Side effects: Nasty after taste, and too big to swallow.
And these are my baby Aspirin, they thin out my blood and no more blood clots.
Side Effects: I bleed a ton after any cut, and it bleeds for a long long time.

Well that was my morning dose, fortunately at night it's only one pill. But trust me, Don't let it fool you, it's the worst one. This is Promitrium, The Devil of all pills. The hormone pill. 
Side effects: Drowsiness, it makes you sleep quick, and ALL day. It makes you tired all the time, to the point that I look around my house and wonder how it would be to have energy to clean it all in one day. Like I used to do it. Now I attack it one room at a time every day, and expect to get praised when husband comes home for my huge effort. Anyways I knew that was all coming, and I cannot complain. However one thing that came along is... no one told me they stored a Zit in every single one of these little pills. I am not kidding every morning I wake up with another one on my face. I feel like I am 13 all over again. The make up does not go on smooth anymore. And It's driving me CRAZY. I seriously just want to scream. Thank goodness i only have to take this zit pill for 3 more weeks. However... That's 21 more Zits I am going to have to deal with.

Ok, Sorry, had to vent. Excuse me now... I am going to find a pillow and take a nap. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thanks to Who?

So I am about to admit something, that I am not so very proud of. 

Hello my name is Vanessa!!
Hi Vanessa....
And I watch Oprah...

O good now it's out there, a few years ago I used to watch Oprah, and totally stopped after I came to the conclusion that she is racist. So when I heard that this is her last season, I decided to see what she is going to do to top all the other years off. 
Anyways... As I watched the show yesterday... She said something that made me MAD... Ok I must conffess to another thing...

Hello my name is Vanessa!!
Hi Vanessa...
I am addicted to crafting.

Going back to the show, yesterday was all about Martha Stewart, you know the liar who went to jail? Who claims to be the worlds best cook, crafter, home maker. Well I have NEVER liked her. I simply think she is a fake. She claims to do all these things, and yet pays someone to do it. "I love fresh flowers in my house" so she pays a man to make arrangements, "I love to cook", that's why she has 2 chefs in the kitchen.
You know what, I love to garden, could I get some one to come and do all the work for me PLEASE?

Ok... Ok... Back to my point. Oprah said that Thanks to Martha Stewart there are over 7 millions crafter out there. I sure hope I am not included on that number. Although Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Jo-Ann fabrics are my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, home. I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER. bought anything from the faker. Neither did I ever make anything that she claims to have invented. How dare she says thanks to Martha, 
Whatever, I take credit for all I do, and give the credit to my mother who tough me that the best things in life are made with our own hands. 
So thank you MOM. For making me a Crafter.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to be an amazing parent.

How does one know that they have accomplished the task of being a good parent? 
I know the answer is... Every child is different, and every parent has their ways of raising kids, and bla bla bla...
The truth is... there is a right way, and I am humble enough to announce that I have it down pat. And now you , have the previllege of learning from me. Aren't you lucky!? You see, when you think of a well behaved kid, you think of a quiet kid, who eats well, while sitting down and not running around. Right? Well How on earth do you accomplish that? SIMPLE! 
You give them Ice Cream, that will shut them up... 

put them high enough off the ground and they can't run around.

And I guarantee, they will eat it all!

Well what else is characteristic of a good kid?
 A child who will go to bed in time, and sleep all night. And how about one who will help with the younger sibling.

Well you strap them together on a moving object, and they will take care of each other.

However there may be breakdowns...

Especially when one of them is not strapped on that moving object.

But that's when they learn the hard lesson, of taking turns. 
You spin up and down, while I spin around. 

How will this help with going to bed on time? Well a few hours of this and they will go to bed ANY time. for a LONG time.

And even though we are working on patience... You know, waiting for the car to go around.without crying.

When it does go around it's a perfect bliss.
How about a child who will help around the house? 
Yep you tell them that, it is Cool to sit and drive around a tractor, and we have a perfectly good one at home and he can drive it all around the lawn. 

 And finally how about those really well behaved kids in the airplanes? 
Yes, if you have a boy, all you need is something small that takes a while to set up. And of course, makes sounds like bam bam, or brrruuu. Sounds of guns, shooting others to death.

And if you have a little girl... well all you need is CHOCOLATE. However many hours of it you need.
So there, this is how you become an amazing parent. You are so welcome for these life changing tips. I am glad I was able to make an impact in your life and the way you you raise your kids.  

Hey, if anything... I am glad I was ab;e to make you feel like you are better parent, becasue you don't have to do all this to control your kids.