4 Angels From Above

Instead of worrying about what our children will become tomorrow, remember that they are somebody today.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Drummer Boy

On the 19h of Dec, we had our Christmas Party. While there all the primary kids were getting ready for their Nativity Skit. While walking ion the hall some one said that they needed a drummer boy, I asked Spencer if he wanted to do it. He of course said no. So you can only imagine my Surprise when he was the first one to come in... (which explaines why I don't have any pics. I was not ready for it.) He came in hitting his little drum and did so good the whole time. I am sooooo proud of him.

Stephanie Update...

My little princess is 9 1/2 months old, and I am trying to find out where the time has gone. She is so big, and her big beautiful brown eyes continues to steel the hearts of those who know her. She went in for her 9 month check up in the middle of Dec, and here are her Stats:

She weigh in at 19 pounds, putting her in the 60% for her age.

She is 29 1/2 inches long, she has grown 10 inches in 9 months. putting her in the 90%.

The Dr. said it is very unusual for babies to grow this much so fast. She is also cute, she waves bye bye, and claps to patty cakes, and she no longer drags herself on the floor, she crawls like a big girl. On Dec. 24th she pulled herself up for the first time, and now she will walk from furniture to furniture. and if you put her standing on a wall she will take 3-4 steps to get to you. I found out yesterday that her New Years resolution is to grow some teeth. Four to be exact... her top 4 teeth are coming in, and she is NOT a HAPPY child. She wants me to hold her the whole day. She said Mama for the first time on the 24th also. She said Dada for a while, and Bu-bu witch she says when her brother comes around. So I think that is what she calls him. Today she fell from the stairs. I did not even know she could climb. Well that is it. Too much too fast. But she still the best baby I have ever seen. She still smiles for no reason at everyone.

A Chrlie Brown Christmas

In the beginning of December we had a play date, we went to see Charlie Brown on Ice at the Opry Mill Mall, it was soooo Cold in there. I think they said it was -4 Degrees in there. But all of the sculptures that you see are carved out of ICE. Spencer's favorite part was the Ice Slide we had a fun day. Too bad daddy was not ab;e to go with us.