4 Angels From Above

Instead of worrying about what our children will become tomorrow, remember that they are somebody today.

Monday, January 31, 2011

My super powers...

I may or may not use my powers of disappearing during the next few days.

New Beginnings is sucking the spinach out of me.

Right now I am using my super vision. I can see double of everything from working on a power point presentation.

Thank goodness it's only 2 more days, till it's over and we will be gone for our family vacation.
But for now I will use my "Telepathetic" powers, and continue working while my body rests...

Am I still mumbling? Gosh Goo'night ya'll!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Beautiful Sunny Day with a hot ending.

They say a picture says a thousand words, so here is a few. I know this may become a bit long, but trust me you want to get to the end...
Today I found out that if you want to get things done you wake up before 9 am. Yes! The sun is actually shining that early in the morning, and I do have 7 am on my clock. Well it was about that time that the first sun rays peaked through my bedroom window this morning. YES SUN RAYS people... I hadn't seen it this year yet. I was beginning to think the suns resolution was to hide for the rest of the year. We got up and went to the gym, hubby played some racket ball, and I walked. By 9:20 am I had already walked 4 miles today. AMAZING... It was a warm 54 degrees outside. It was the perfect day to just spend time outdoors. 

So while we washed and detailed these babies.

The kids played with their bikes and "COOTERS", dug holes, and played in the play ground. BEAUTIFUL. I know, I am sorry if you are jealous of my wonderful day! (just stay with me) 

We also worked a little on this project, but that is a whole other post. 

 We played some Basketball, 
and I found out I have a NBA player in training...

I told him how good he was after he took this amazing shot, and he informed me that I am KIND of good. See if I play with him again.

We were running out of things to do, so I grabbed my Garden scissors... It was right about now that my husband told me he was going to do some homework. Ok!!! I get the picture... He wants nothing to do with trimming the stupid trees up front, or the cleaning up.
So I trimmed these monsters.

And I was going to clean it up too, who needs a man.

Nothing that some of this.

And ONE of these 
won't take care of...

Yep... You put all the leafs and branches and whatever else you don't want around in a pile like this.

Pour some gas, and BOOOOOM! 

It was a second after the Boom, that I knew I was in trouble. I told Spencer to go get daddy. I guess I need a man after all. 

Sorry I don't have a picture of the actual fire, I was in between running for the hose and peeing my pants laughing so hard at what I had done. It was only after the fire was contained, that my husband turned to me and said..."GO, go get your camera, you ARE going to blog about this."  

The whole time I was building the pile for the fire, Spencer kept telling me to call daddy. Because..."daddy is the best at making fires" 

Yeah I guess I showed him who is the Fire Queen. 

And now we have a big patch of burnt grass and a pile of CRAP in the backyard. Told you I could clean up all by myself.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

She cried for me tonight.

As I put you in bed tonight, I thought my shift was over for the day. I kissed your forehead and said night, night.
I left you there to sleep and went on to my nightly doings. 
Except tonight you did not sleep like you usually do. You cried! For way longer then I wanted to hear you.
As I stormed into your room, with all the intent of telling you to... "Stop crying and go to sleep,I have had it with you today."
Instead, something made me scoop you out of your crib, put a pillow on the floor and just snuggle you till you fell asleep. 
It was there holding your little body, caressing your soft hair, and smelling your sweet little neck that I realized you cried for me today.
How did you know I had a hard couple days? Have I been distant or dis attached? Did you see me cry this morning? 
I knew there on the floor that many nights you have needed me there, to calm you down, and hold your hand because you were afraid. But not today... Today I was the one who needed you. To show me, that no matter how hard things get and how unfair life may seam. As long as I have the love of my children, husband, and Savior. There will always be a chance for a better tomorrow. And if tomorrow sucks, I know you will be there for me again.
So thank you little angel, thank you for crying for me tonight. 
Mommy loves you, and always will. 

Dear People around me...

I am 6 months pregnant with my 3rd child, yes I crave french fries in the middle of the night. I cry really hard once a month, and may or may not snap at you for one reason or another.

However, I am still capable of having an opinion, and actually make sense out of life.

So when I am trying to prove a point that you may not agree with, don't tell me you understand because...
I am pregnant and my hormones are everywhere, I cry for no reason, and I make a waterfall out of a glass of water. 


Monday, January 24, 2011

An eye opener experience.

So I tend to think that my family is great, and we all are happy together... Truth is... I love them, but boy there are some messed up ideas lately.  My mother is menopausal, I swear there is a demon that come along with that stage in life. To tell you the truth I don't even know the woman anymore. I have a 15 year old sister who is an IDIOT, and knows it all, and is used to get things her way. And if it doesn't happen how and when she wants it, Satan comes out to play.  And well then there is me, who sees all that is wrong with everything they are doing and if they would just listen and do it my way, things would be better. DUH... So no we are not great and happy all the time. Actually we are pretty messed up most of the time, but I love to put on a front and let others think we are this great celestial family.

Well, there are few things that I have learned in the process. 
#1. My kids will not all be the same, some will make right choices easily and others... well they will easily make choices.
#2. Some times I need to step back and really see the whole picture, and even take advice from my own children. After all... after 26 years they will know me a little. 
#3. Everyone has their struggles, mine may not be the same as yours. And you may even think my trial is little or not even important, but remember I AM THE ONE GOING THROUGH IT. And weather little or big we will eventually get to the same lonely unhappy place. So be sympathetic if you want to receive sympathy. 
#4. Despite the fact that you may be going through a hard time, it DOES NOT give you the right to tell me to suck it up, or belittle my trial. After all I probably think your is just as dumb as you think mine is.
#5. And this one is a biggie, one that I hope I NEVER forget. Despite the fact that we are all different in this world, and everyone has their own weaknesses and strengths. The Lord's Commandments are THE SAME.
SO WHY would it be different in our home? We have different children with different personalities and struggles. But the rules need to remain the same. NO matter if this one is going through it 11 years later and you are older. YOU are still a parent and responsible for this one as you were with the other one. And the fact that you are "older" does not make it okay to not discipline and impose rules. 44 is not even that old so stop telling yourself that.
Don't be mad if the older one thinks it's wrong that you allow the younger to do things that not only she was not able to do, but that are also clearly against church standards. Just because she turns into Satan when things are not done her way. Well guess what. that's exactly what he THE DEVIL WANTS.
Be constant with your kids, if the rule applies to one it should apply to all of them. 
Anyways, just somethings I need to remember in the future. So we learn from others mistakes and don't repeat them.

By the way, does menopausal women ever go back to being normal? I want my mother back. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Childhood Memories

I was thinking today about things that I want for my children, and why I want those things for them. Could it be because I didn't have it growing up and always wanted them? Maybe... I decided that through the eyes of a mother I will show you how my childhood was. I grew up in Brazil up until I was 12 years old. 
And for the record, I do not own a rain dance outfit, and I did have a Microwave before I moved to the USA.  
Oh, and I did wear underwear. Just some questions I got asked when I moved here. Don't get me wrong... I had a great childhood, with everything a kid needs, filled with many hours of playing outside, and way to much independence for a child. But there were things I wish I had, a bath tub was one of those.  

Although this was not our shower, ours did look like this.
HOW DANGEROUS IS THAT? Do you see electrical wires too close to the water? And you ask WHY? well how do you think the water got hot? Do you see the little knob there? There were 3 temperatures, COLD, MEDIUM, and HOT, and the water warmed as it came out of the shower. Needless to say that it was NEVER hot enough. and Showers lasted about 1 minute in the winter so we didn't die of hypothermia. No we didn't have heater in the house, all we had was a metal corn can with some alcohol in it. And it burned as we showered, I had a great mom, so she always burned it a few minutes before I went in. So the bathroom would defrost before I had to jump in the cold water. Thank goodness she allowed me to take as she called them, "CAT BATHS" a wash cloth with some warm water and soap to wash the important parts on the days that were below freezing weather. We did NOT have a tub, the bathroom was in fact covered with tiles from floor to ceiling, making it extra cold, and slippery. 
So yes I always wanted one of these...

 What a mean brother... 

 Shampoo and jets will make good bubbles.

Well maybe a little too much shampoo. 
So there, I am living my childhood dreams through my kids. And we are all enjoying the fun. Maybe some time I will tell you about my make do pool in the back yard.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My dirty little secret.

I am sure once you jumped over here today you thought you were getting something juicy from my life, and although I am known to have shared one or two too many embarrassing stories about life after marriage. I am not going to post it to the world, so you can see how awful of a person I really am. 
But I do have a dirty little secret.
You see, I have been doing really good lately. Going to the GYM that's right... I know where the GYM is...
Anyways, going to the gym 4-5 times a week literary walking my bum off. Cause that's the only place I loose anything, I was blessed with what my sister calls " MAN SHOULDERS" and that is not going anywhere soon. I am not trying to loose weight, I know I am growing organs and stuff, but I also don't want to double in size.
So one day after finishing my work out, I was hit by the craving monster. For something "Deep fried and smothered in Chocolate" , as I drove home there it was... a sign with a red little hat... ARBY'S !!!
So I stopped and splurged $1 dollar, on a mouth watering, crunchy, flaky, triangular piece of puffy pastry filled with creamy melted chocolate, drizzled with more CHOCOLATE. 
I am sure that is served at the bakeries in heaven and someone with an outer body experience stole the recipe and brought it to earth. 


So, go ahead and find yourself some quarters and sneak out of the house and go get yourself one of these sinfully amazing bites of Heaven.

I know you want some.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Call me Butterfly...

Hello everyone, I am so shocked... It's been brought to my attention that I have yet to disclose my name on this blog. HOW SAD IS THAT? You know so much about me, like how fun it is to remove a small ball of poop from a 18 month's old little girl's nose. And how drinking water from the toilet is not good for you, to even more personal things. Such as one my my biggest struggles with depression and miscarriages. So are you ready? I do have a name. I am not just the crazy mormon mom who can't spell. 

My name is...

The Greek meaning of my name is- BUTTERFLY. Also, from Phanessa, the mystic goddess of an ancient Greek brotherhood

VANESSA (noun)

Painted beauty and red admiral
Classified under:
Nouns denoting animals
genus Vanessa; Vanessa
Hypernyms ("Vanessa" is a kind of...):
arthropod genus (a genus of arthropods)
Meronyms (members of "Vanessa"):
painted beautyVanessa virginiensis (American butterfly having dark brown wings with white and golden orange spots)
red admiralVanessa atalanta (of temperate Europe and Asia; having black wings with red and white markings)
Holonyms ("Vanessa" is a member of...):
family NymphalidaeNymphalidae (large beautifully colored butterflies)

I really hope you didn't just read all that. 
So let's recap and get the most important meanings, 

Butterfly: Explains why my dad called me his social butterfly.
Mystic Goddess: Do I need to go on this one?
Painted Beauty: That's right one of a kind BABY!!!

Funny... I didn't see conceited there, maybe we should add that one to the list. HAHAHA... So there! I am done now. 

Have a great life knowing what my name is and means. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Did you know?

I discovered something that I would like to share with you... Actually, my daughter was the one to find out, she sacrificed her own body for this experiment. So here it goes. 

On Monday night, my angel, you know the child who looks like a girl and acts like one to. But deep inside is a little devil. Well she decided to play tea pots. With her beautiful Princess tea set that Santa gave her. I was making diner, and the house was peaceful (it's now 5 minutes later and I just came back from picking up pieces of my wallet that has been spread all over the house by you guessed it... the angel) 
Ok... Where was I??!! Oh yeah the house was peaceful when I hear MOMMY!!! Stephanie just drank pee water. 

Spencer continued to explain. She is all wet.. 
Well she just drank water from the toilet with her teacup. 
Ohh NO! Arghhh... 
As I pulled massive amounts of hair off my head. 

But don't worry mommy, there was no pee in the toilet. It was clean water. 
HUM??!! Was that supposed to make me feel better? 

I picked her soaking wet self and striped her to her birth suit and gave her a much needed bath. I even thought of adding some bleach to the water.  Brushed her teeth a few times, and put her to bed. Thinking all would be ok.  Well it's 2 days later, and we have been fighting Diarrhea ever since.  
So my conclusion is... Drinking toilet water (peed or not) will give you the runs!  
Some useless information...
Just in case you were wondering!!!
Yes this is the angel and her weapons... 

Monday, January 10, 2011


And verily, verily I say unto you. Thou shalt not go to school, for the next week due to some major forces of nature. That came down hard upon the face of around here. Making roads muggy and dirty, and lots of snow days for the kids. Because we were bombarded with 8 inches of snow. 

Oh!! You thought I said 8 feet?! No, really it is only 8 inches. And let me tell you, schools have closed for much less then that. There is a good side to the whole thing though. No one showed up to work today, so my hunny came home at 1 p.m. to have lunch with us and go enjoy a snow day.  We had soooooo much fun. I dressed the children and covered the belly, and we went sledding. It was my first time, well, I really didn't go, I just watched as the kids had a blast. It is definitely one of the best things in the world to watch my children laugh with joy. We went to Walmart to buy a sled and they didn't have any, so we improvise. 

Just for the record, a plastic storage box does not make a good sled. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO TO IT. But we found out that some other unexpected things do. Such as trash can lids, ring floats for the pool, Twin size air mattress, stolen political signs, and the winner of it all was an old Ironing board with a rope tied to the front of it. Redneck sledding in style. Hahaha!!!

Thanks to some really generous people who let us use their sled we were able to enjoy the fun. We will keep a lookout for a real sled though. Here are some pics of our day, that ended with a huge snow man and a snowball fight.

This was a trash lid from the people next to us, who felt sorry for our pathetic sled.
 This IS our pathetic sled. It was slow enough that Stephanie could go by herself. 
 Well maybe she had a little help.
 Never seen this little man, play so hard.
 Daddy fell on his BUM! hahaha

 Oh... that's what a sled looks like.   Thanks Unknown people! 

 Every year this snow man keeps getting bigger. 

 And here I am at 5.5 months pregnant with baby Annabelle.
 For the record... those are NOT leggings.  I promise.

Well we are "supposed" to get some more snow tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as fun.  

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In the look OUT for...

Now this is something I used to have, but I have not seen it in a while. So PLEASE if you see it around let me know where, so I can go and get it back. Lately I have been missing my ENERGY, it ran away along with the desire to get things done. My poor husband, house and children have been neglected. I just mopped the floors and MAN, you would have thought I just came back from WWII or something. Home cooked food around here is a thing from the past, sandwiches, and lots of different kinds of eggs, and salads have made the dinner menu lately. AND don't you dare, say a word about it. Bed time is around 8:30 pm for me, the kids are in bed by 8.  Ridiculous! I know!

It takes every fiber of my body to get to the GYM 4 times a week, where I walk about 3.5 miles looking for that evil energy that I am supposed to find after a work out. I have yet to catch up with it. It's cold outside, WAY to cold. It's supposed to snow tomorrow, and if that is not enough reason to want to stay in bed with a blanket all day long. My daughter decided to show me this week what little girls are REALLY made out of. SUGAR AND SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE... MY FOOT. 

TANTRUMS AND DRAMA AND ALL TO ANNOY MOMMA. Is more likely, WHAT is wrong with this child? Can 2 weeks at grandmas house really screw things up this much? 

So anyways, I am done complaining, now I am off to church for mutual. Where once again we work to much, and are not appreciated by the recipient. 

Meet Cruela's mini-me.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear Readers,


I am sadden at the though of a certain situation that took place lately, because of my blog. I have been blogging for almost 2 years now, and never in my blogging carrier did this happen to me. So I am a little embarrassed to even bring it to your attention, but I feel very strongly the need to do so. After all I am not responsible for any damage that my writings may have and possibly still will cause in my dedicated readers brains. 

As I started blogging, my main goal was to keep everyone as in family and friends connected with our lives, and the growth of the children. It was not until about a year ago that I was introduced to a totally new style of blogging and actually a heck of a lot more fun. Now I blog to relief stress, to write down things that the kids do so I don't forget, to let my husband know how I am feeling, and sometimes to make me and others laugh. I type as I think, and put no effort into making it grammaticality correct, neither do I care where commas, and periods go. I do hope however that the point I am trying to make, will come across some how in your mind. 

The thing that has been brought to my attention lately by some one whom I would never disclose HIS identity.
MATT BOYCE who lives in FL
and Social Security is XXX-XX-2298
 is the fact that I am a horrible speller!
Now... Personally my thing is... if you can not fluently speak read and write in 3 or more languages. Then you have no right to put my English down. You still have 2 languages to catch up to me. cough cough MATT BOYCE.
But since I am at the mercy of my readers, one of my goals for this year is to better my blog. Not only on the SPELLING, but also on the frequency, and I will try to keep it more updated with things going on in the kids lives. Now Please don't expect me to be all proper and cross my T's and dot my I's. After all this IS my blog and I do what I want, when ever I want. GET IT? 

Sincerely Yours, Nessa

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's been fun...

It's been 2 weeks that we have been in vacation. Well!!! I think I work more to take care of the kids and sleep less when I am in vacation then when I am at home. But that is besides the point. Our Christmas was good, the best part is of course the kids. With every passing year they understand more and more. Santa was popular this year, Spencer really understood the old man part in Christmas.  Stephanie as usual is all smiles, but she did learn that opening gifts is AWESOME. And by the end of opening present on Christmas morning, she was opening everyone's gifts not just hers. I think her favorite things this year was her Lady bug Pillow Pet, and Princess Tea pot. What a girl. Spencer as crazy and energetic as he is... Is a great little boy, with a heart as big as the sun when it comes to giving and sharing. Florida is home, friends and family makes for some good laughs, embarrassing stories, free baby sitting, too much eating, not enough sleeping, and of course appreciating my bed. 
Can I just say OUCH!!! Back pain! And for the record I don't like to sleep with the kids in the room. Actually I could sell tickets and popcorn to those who would like to watch a night in our room. Stephanie cries bloody murder at time, while SLEEPING. Spencer talks and moves way to much, and of course wakes up 3 times a night to wake me up and ask for permission to leave the room and PEE. Borja well has more nightmares then I do while pregnant. One night I woke up, or should I say jumped up about 3 feet in the air when he screamed, "NO, NO, I am not going to."  So loud that the next door neighbor heard him. So yes, I miss my bed, and my room. Well here are some pics for you, hope you all had an amazing end of the year,  and may this year bless the lives of all us with happiness beyond imagination. 
My mom and sister with the kids...
 The reason my kids are spoiled... 
 Baby Annabelle
 This is the signature picture... WE ABSOLUTELY hate photos like this. There  could not be a worst face to make on pictures, and yet so many people think they look good. (just saying)
Santa Filled the stocking at Grandmas House. 
No many hours of sleep later...

 Playing tea pots with Titia...
 Eating Ice, while obviously styling.
 Happy New Year.
 Our family picture, and Tyler, he is Spencer's Twin but since I refused to have twins he was sent to another family. Born 2 weeks earlier, and blond hair. But really he is ours...
 If you don't let your kids hold a Sparkler, you are missing out on seeing one of the best smiles on earth.
 Again, Thing 1, and Thing 2
 How many men does it take to blow something up? Apparently more then 6.

 What a horrible picture.

Now... back to TN we go, 12 hours of driving. And much unpacking to be done. And another year of adventures, will begin.