4 Angels From Above

Instead of worrying about what our children will become tomorrow, remember that they are somebody today.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh my dear and yet so forgotten blog...

I know you think I am a really bad blogger, and that I have forgotten all about you. 
The truth is... I haven't. I have been here everyday. Staring at you, imagining what to write. 
And every time i would think of something, my body would not let. 
You see, my house is upside down, the dishes are pilled up, the kids are eating whatever they find in the pantry. My husband well has been a husband, a father, a mother and wife. So I could not ask him to keep up with you too. So Yes you have been forgotten. Mistreated, and even cause some of the troubles around here. 
What have I been doing? Well how dare you ask me that? I have been nauseated all day long, while sitting on the couch watching my children destroy the house. I have been feeling like a tractor ran over me, and my body does not know day from night. So what have I been doing? 
That's right... I have been making a baby. Who will join our family around May 7th, of 2011. 

And I have enjoyed every morning, day, and night sickness, which has been the worst so far. 

But thank you to all who kept us in your prayers, we are very happy for this addition. And bring on the puke. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We will take prayers please.

It's been a while and it will be a little while more, until I find the desire to post. I will do my best to last only 2 more days. But I can't guaranty anything... So Stay tooned for news coming any day now.
We are going through a blessing trial. And really need prayers coming our way. And I am not ashamed to ask. So please, pray for us. So this trial will pass and the blessing will remain. I will soon explain this crazy post. Thank you ahead of time, for the support. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

My little musician...

We love to sing... I mean... I love to sing, and because of it my kids do it too. Spencer is in primary this year, and is learning many new song and screaming the ones he already knew. He loves the song Follow the Prophet. 
Just the chorus part, we don't know/remember the beginning. So Yesterday as he sat in time out... He sang the following lyrics to the tune of Follow the prophet. 

I am in time out,
Follow the prophet
I am in time out,
Follow the prophet
I am in time out, 
follow the prophet
I'm bad every day-ay. 
Don't go astray-ay .

How is a mother supposed to have a straight face after that one?!? At least he knew why he was in time out! right?
This a video we took of Spencer when he was 2. He is my lil singer.

I also was remembering the tragic experience I had about 1 1/2 months ago.
I went to the dentist to remove a wisdom tooth. The lady knew I had to drive home so they did not put me out... They only gave me laughing gas. Which by the way is a whole other post. (however sometimes I wish I could have a tank of that at home,) Anyways, I came home around 3 with my children, and took the Pain killers they gave me. Woooiiii. I was in Heaven, I mean knocked out. So I did what every responsible parent would do. I put on a movie in the living room for the kids (who are 4 and 18 months) and went to sleep. About an hour into my heavenly sedation. I wake up with a very upset little girl screaming next to my bed. She had her hands extended to me and every time she looked at her hands she would cry little louder.
Oh no I thought, as I saw four very blurry little hands covered in something dark. I looked and smelled it just to find out it was.... You guessed it. POOP. My poor heart was not prepared for what I saw next. My little animal disguised as a little princess had taken her diaper off, and pooped on the stairs. She proceeded by taking it on to her hands kneeling and waxing my hard wood floors with it. And now she thought it was disgusting? 
From the stairs to my room, is a hallway  about 20 feet long covered with the worst weapon kids have. As I drowned/bathed her, clothe and all. I though well in about an hour daddy will be home. He can clean the floors. My sweet little boy who I still wonder what on EARTH was doing when this was going on, came in and informed me that if I did not clean the floors, He was going to have to go outside for the day. Because it STINKS. How observant he is... AFTER the poop hit the floor. So yes me and my four hands cleaned the floors that kept moving on me. 
So... who wants a cute little, mischievous, oh so precious up to no good filled with love, and a smile that will part your heart in half baby girl?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just when you think you've done something right!

Well!!! I will let you take a wild guess, as to where I am this week.
Again... My parents are in Brazil and I am here helping things to go smoothly. Yeah Right!!!

Anyways... On Tuesday I decided to go to Orlando. Since Tennessee has no church stores anywhere in site, I wanted to purchase the rest of the scriptures for children. We have the new testament memorized! I packed up the kids and left, we arrived there at 9:45 am. A whole 15 minutes too early. Now why can't I do that for church? We watched the ducks, and walked around the plaza. But the owners of the store were on Mormon time and were late to open the store. So I put the kids in the car and drove to the Temple.
 As we drove in I told Spencer we were going to Jesus house. I think it's good for him to think of Jesus as a real person, and not an image. So I though that by giving him a home would make it more real to him. 
We pulled in and he said... "look mommy, there is a trophy on top"  I explained to him that It's not a trophy but the angel Moroni, which we read all about that night. We walked around the temple. Spencer was amazed at how big it was, and how pretty, and awesome!!! 
As we were walking and I could see their excitement, I could not help but to wonder what he was thinking. I could see the wheels turning. He wanted to go inside so bad. But I told him he had to be big like mommy, and before he went on his mission he would go in there. I also told him that, it was there that Mommy and Daddy got married. And he said... "yeah, the day you looked like a princes, the one in the picture." 

Well we got in the car, and drove to the book store as I felt good about what I had just done. The pictures were going to look so good in the blog. 

And as I sat here ready to download some awesome pics. I realized they are in the memory and not on the card. Which means, that I can't down load them. Because the camera is from Spain and I don't have the cord, and simply I don't know how to do it. So Imagine 2 very cute kids, skipping around This beautiful temple. And every once in a while stopping to take a picture by flowers. 
I can't ever get it all right!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Bitter Taste of Failure.

As I look back, and think of my childhood
I remember the little girl I once was. 
Dolls and Tea Pots filled my time
while I waited for the day to pass
a made up a world where I could fly
there were no trials there was no test.

As I look further ahead 
and remember the horrible teens,
The thoughts of boys and the desire to fit in
made life harder then it had to be.
How silly I was to think life was hard back then.

First year of marriage now that was fun,
there was not a week that would go by
that we would not fight and I would not cry.
Life was not bad, we were really blessed
the hardest part was 
to put away habits from the passed.

Now looking at my days 
I am a no longer that little girl
or that silly teen who wanted to fit in.
We now have our own habits, 
Together we created a life, 

Now I am a mother of 2,
a maid, a disciplinarian, a chef
a counselor in young women,
the wife of an engineer, pilot,
father, and counselor in the bishopric.

And today I sit here with the bitter taste of failure.
Because although I should be all those things 
I have failed in many of them, how can I succeed?
How can I raise obedient kids, who know their ABC's 
How can I have a spotless house when as I clean 
it's being destroyed somewhere else, 
by the kids I have no control over?
How can I have a home made dinner every night, 
when I know they will just sit there not want to eat?
How can I teach the young women to be a great wife and mother, 
When obviously I have no idea how to do that myself?

So is there an age in the future when eventually life becomes easier? 
A time when you look back and think... I have done something right in life?
Sometimes I wish I could still be that little girl, who had no idea how hard life would really be.