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Instead of worrying about what our children will become tomorrow, remember that they are somebody today.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A month in a post...

Wow... You will not believe where I have been. 
It was late night about a month ago, when I saw light descending from the sky. Is it a plane? Is it a Bird? Is it God the Father and his Son? NOPE... It was a Space ship, that abducted me and kept me captive for all this time. And it turns out that WiFi  has not become a part of the outer space yet. So I could not Blog from up there while they ran tests on my very pregnant self. 

See... I told you, I knew you would not believe me. 
OKAY OKAY, So I think the story sounds better then if I said that I have been so lazy that I could not bring myself to download pictures to write about.  But I am back, for how long we never know.... So much has happened. It's been a whole lot of fun, so here we go!
 In the end of last month we had out first DECK party. Remember the deck we started building over a year ago? Well it's pretty much done. We are very proud of it. After all it's been a year of BLOOD, Sweat and Tears over this project. I will dedicate a whole blog towards it soon. 

Since it was a Halloween Party we had to have a Hay Ride, and Pumpkin Patch. 
I think it went very well.
So it's not a tractor and it's not big. But it was a ride and it had Hay. 

 Some basic and Easy pumpking decorating

And Voalla... A success.

We did something really fun this year, I told Spencer that there are little boy and girls all over the world that don't have mommies and daddies and Christmas is really sad for them. But that he could make a little boy his age very happy, by choosing a few things to put in a show box and send it to him as a gift. HE WAS ALL OVER THE IDEA. 

These are the things that he picked out for him. Coloring book, color pencils, pencil sharpner, Yoyo, inflatable  chair, tooth brush and paste, foam letters, t-shirt, and socks, and a puzzle. It was very cute to see him choose something that he would like for himself and then say. " I think he is going to like this one."

I let him do it all. even packing the box.

We also sent a Christmas card and photo with a little note.

From one happy boy to hopefully another happy boy, somewhere around the globe.

On this day we were actually a little early for church, so I took a couple of pics.

This little dress was made by my Grandmother, over 26 years ago. I am so glad my mom saved it.
Stephanie 20 months old
Me 12 months old. (sorry it's a picture of a Picture)

The time has come... My little boy is not so little. As I cling to hold on to every little bit of his childhood. He Shows me every day that he is growing TOO fast. Do you remember the day your training wheels were taken out of your bike?

I remember... And that is why it feels so wrong to have removed them from my Son's bike. But he was excited and is doing very good.

 C'mom that was expected. 
 Thank goodness for Daddy's who help to get up and try again.

In the beginning of the month, we had Young Women in Excellence. We had to make a colorful dessert,  and after many hours of kitchen destruction I was very pleased with the results. They were beautiful, and deserved a photo shoot. hahaha

The kids approved the taste of it too.

And finally, Thanks giving... We were in Florida, as usual. But isn't this table beautiful? I love Thanksgiving almost as much as Christmas. Love cooking with my mom, and the smell of the seasons.

 21 pounds of Bird, and I am sorry you guys were not able to have the best tasting turkey of the season, but here is a view of it.

 We played the "who am I?" game. That is when you put a name of a character or person on your forehead and then ask questions about it till you think you know who it is.
Stephanie could not stay out of it. So she was Boo from monsters ink, she kept that little paper for about 1 hour. Love the GIRL.

Well now that I am all caught up, lets see if the Aliens will leave me alone to post some more.

Monday, November 8, 2010


I remember in High School I could not wait for the trimester to be over, then marriage came along and we had many college trimesters that I cheered my husband on to keep going. Many time there is a celebration that comes with the end of a trimester. Graduation, or a great grade on the finals. However I have never been sooooo glad to have a trimester end like I am with this trimester. As of 1 1/2 weeks ago I have been out of my first trimester with baby #3.  14 weeks took along, Morning Sickness, drowsiness, and lack of energy for the most part. Hello world!!! It's so nice to be part of you again. To have the strength to get out of the house, and play with my kids, and CLEAN. Oh how nice it is to be able to clean, and cook. How I have missed real food. Welcome 2nd trimester and all it's goodness. I will enjoy you every day, because before I know it Mr. Third will be here with all it's pains and bathroom trips. And lets not forget, the last few weeks and not even maternity clothes fit anymore.

I will now scrapbook, and nest, and decorate my house, and cook with my mom, and love my husband even more for putting up with a disabled wife for 14 weeks. I will clean, and scrub toilets, and plan play dates for my kids, and give me a facial once a week. Do my hair more often and actually put clothe on instead of laying a round in my G's all day. I will be a better woman, and wife and person and mom, and friend.

YES! I will conquer the world. for 3 months until it comes crashing down again. Now stop reading and forcing me to write on this forgotten blog. If you haven't noticed I am a very busy woman. Floors here I come.
(Please change the hair color to dark brown. After all I am a proud brunet )

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mess, Halloween and Winter Packing.

So I have 2 cameras, the one that weighs 1000 pounds, and is never there on those "I wish I had my camera" moments, and the one that is. Because if fits right in my purse. However, I don't up load it to the computer very often. So here are some pics taken a while back from a birthday party we went to.
 She loves her cup cake...

No I am not ashamed of taking her shirt off in public, people can say whatever they want but guess what... I did not have to figure out how to remove yellow frosting from a white shirt.

Halloween came and went, and this year was a tough one. I spent my days laying on the couch sick as a dog, wishing that some how my kids costume would appear in front of me. I mean i had it all planned in my head, i just had to get it out of there some how. Anyways, Stephanie was a fairy butterfly, a TUTU and wings made the outfit. Spencer's was a trip to good will, and some cutting, and muscle building with a sewing machine. But TADA. It was good enough for them. They had fun, and that's what really matters. Now what do I do with all the candy? 

Stephanie got the idea really fast, she would go to the door. And say Tree-tweet. And even said thank you a couple of times. 

She was tired, but she cried for 30 minutes after I took her bag away. And even woke up in the middle of the night wanting her bag of candy.

Hum... Now, Why don't I ride in the back? It looks like he has it set...

Don't mess with a mad candyless girl. She will get you.

Now that's a handsome little batman.

She only looks girly, but really she is all about the boy toys and games. She even sleeps with a monster truck that used to belong to Spencer. Someone give her a doll please! 

Well after all the fun we had with Halloween it's time to put summer away.

 Unpack the coats, and warm cloths.

 I had to take a picture of the things I was packing away so that I remembered to take it out next year.

 Do you think she will stop growing if I put her away for a few months?

This was totally her Idea, for those thinking I am a horrible mom, All I did was tell her to stay while I took the pics. Love my babies.