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Monday, February 6, 2012

I am not one to boast.

So.... I am not, well I try not to be. And if I ever came across as snobby or flashy, or what ever it is they call it in the street these days, I am truly sorry. It was not intentional.

I believe people like that are not very likable, and heavens knows that my personally is one that likes to be liked. Even though I do say things I shouldn't at very inappropriate times. And I have had to throw my foot up from the back of my throat a few times. I do try to be nice, and mindful of people.

Ok now that I have set you up into beliving that i am a humble person. I have to say that this post is all about bragging about my self. In October, I realized how unhappy with myself I was. I was just not me, nothing looked good, nothing fit good, nothing made me look how I like to look. I felt frumpy, and wow that's a bad feeling. For a weekend great but everyday of your life? Oh no... Soooo I could sit in the couch, and eat my problems away making them bigger problems. Literaly... Or I could get up and do something. Which I was ready to do.

I started with a goal, 20 pounds... I shut my mouth and started running, and dancing. (Zumba) Holy cow... You know how hard it is to start a diet in the end of the year? When all the food is out. 3 days a week, in the gym not stoping till I was out of breath drenched in the tears of my fat crying.
I felt so good, when I steped in the scale and pounds were falling off every week. In 2 months I was at my goal. But my goal changed, just 10 more pounds... And for a couple weeks I had cursed my self. Nothing came off. Soooo 5 days a week and finally 30 pounds later I am feeling great, I was able to fit into my prom dress room 2002. That's crazy, and if I can fit into that my wedding dress should fit too.

And even though I should be happy and pleased with myself... I just moved my goal another 10 pounds. And I got a month and a half to do it.

I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I will.

Scream fat, scream...


  1. Vanessa that is AWESOME!!! Way to go girl!!!! I've been trying to work out at least a little every day. I just started like two weeks ago. It's so hard because I hate exerting myself. If no one is chasing me, why the crap should I be running?! So staying motivated is really hard. But I've been feeling frumpy lately too, and my body did not bounce back after Jake and Sophie like it did after Caleb. If I'm not reminding myself to suck in- and hard- then I look like I'm pregnant. Hearing how well you're doing is so motivating. I'm running up and down the stairs tonight!!
    btw your comment on my blog made me laugh- that's so funny your favorite room is your guest bath! lol. You should send me a pic and maybe pics of the other rooms in your house and we can plan out how you could make the rest of your home more like you. It sounds fun!!

  2. Way to go Vanessa!! That is something to be really proud of. It takes a lot of time and hard work. Awesome job!