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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The pros of being alone....

You see this man??!! Well he turned 33 on Monday, and just that fast he left. At noon he boarded on a plane to Salt Lake City. At first  felt bad for the guy, I mean spending his birthday away from the family... That's sad right? Well a couple of days have gone by and I no longer feel bad for him. He calls me every once in a while, and tells me he misses me and the kids. And that the conference is as good as a conference gets... blahblahh blahblah blahbla

Truth is... He sees it as work, a work related conference. And in his free time he catches up with home work. Sounds horrible doesn't it?

Well this is how I see it. He is in Salt Lake City, at a Marriott with no kids sleeping soundly all night in a clean king size bed, that gets made everyday, by someone other then him self. He wakes up to an all you can eat breakfast, which he enjoys it without the kids screaming at each other and asking for more of whatever you managed to plop at their plate that morning. He then proceed to a conference and spends a few hours listening to something about his favorite subject... Airplanes. He goes out for lunch, a little more plane talk, and a nice complete dinner that he does not have to cook. Like... Cafe Rio (last night) or Rodizio tonight with my sisters boy friend, (which for the record... lets specify!!!  that he would not even know what a Brazilian stake tastes like if not for me. A BRAZILIAN...) tomorrow night he will join my sister, MY SISTER and her boy friend for an amazing dinner somewhere, and Frozen Custard. And on Friday he will go Snow boarding for the first half of the day before he needs to fly back to this zoo called home. 

Hard work I tell you. Do they have a conference like that for a stay at home mom? If not... does anyone want to start one with me? I think we should should plan one for the summer in NEW YORK. 

Anyways... the pros of being alone, is that I don't have to cook huge dinners. In fact Spencer planned the menu this week. We had Pancakes with blue berries, on Monday, Mac n Cheese yesterday, today some chicken wraps. tomorrow turkey burgers and Friday we will go out to a fancy little place here in town called McDs. Another good thing is, I have not lifted a finger in this house except to type, and click the remote control. the laundry is all clean on the floor of the living room waiting for it to be folded. The kitchen... well I don't know where it is anymore, I cant see it under all the junk me and the kids dragged in there. The table is buried by papers and color pencils, and the floor is a perfect place for Ms, Annabelle to have a picnic.  Now I know I am setting my self for disaster, the maid is gonna have to work extra hard to clean it up. OH and when I say maid, I mean ME. But for now... I will pretend to feel sorry for him, and his HARD work. Because, Well, that's what good little wives do. 

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  1. I will GLADLY start a stay-at-home mom conference :)