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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Safety or Stupidity...

So lets start out by saying... I am NOT a mom who goes by the book, actually I can't stand the book. What does IT know about MY child? Nothing that's how much...

I hate Dr.'s offices, I stay away from them like I stay away from poop. (well actually that's not a good comparison, Poop and I meet many time thought out the day) but you get it right??!! I hate it so much that my husband had to cough out blood before I agreed that he need to go to the hospital, and be diagnosed with Pneumonia.

Worst then going to the Doctors is to be reprimanded by the doctor... "You mean you don't know if your son can hop in one leg over 40 times?"

*That's right DOC, and here I thought cooking dinner and cleaning the bathroom was more important then counting hops. You see why I hate books? If I had read the darn book I would have know to count the hops, so that I wouldn't look stupid.

Anyways... after 3 kids i learned... Always answer what they want to hear. "Is your child out of the bottle?" *Absolutely... (nope, and she wont be for another 8 - 10 months) "Can she stack 3 or 4 blocks?" * Oh Yes... (actually we don't own blocks in my house... I got tired of picking them up)

So when this question came up... "Does your child ride in the rear side of the vehicle facing the rear where she will stay until she is 2 years old?" *** WOWOWOWOW... HOLD THE FORK. Did you just say 2 years old? "Yes they are changing the law... " Who is they, and if they are that stupid why are they involved with the law?

Seriously... Did anyone give this a second thought? Or a thought at all? Apparently they are already making car seats to accommodation this crazy idea. And I bought one, well every 1st birthday my children receive for their gift their big kid seat. And since we have a 10 hour drive next week I fully intended to do it with my 11 month old facing forward so she could be a happy baby. Happy baby = Happy mommy = happy driver with no road rage. But today for the fun of it I installed the space ship in my car, facing the rear.

Apparently my car is too small for this car seat, because I had to drive with my knees up on my forehead in order for the little metal ball to balance on the green. And just you wait... she will soon be smart enough to know that her siblings are watching a movie while she stares at a awesome tan colored head rest. And then she will scream her very loud lungs out. Oh and for the record I drive a Suburban, so if you plan to obey this ridiculous law. You have got to get something bigger. Good luck finding that.

So you tell me, is it safer to have one year old facing forward while happily watching tv, and a calm mother is alert enough to prevent accidents, or to have a crowded unhappy 18 month old, screaming while a mother stiff as a mummy, is trying to swerve the car she didn't see cause she was trying to calm her baby and trying to see through her knees? 

Yup that question is going to my, "Absolutely doc, she is facing the rear!!!..." of my head rest.

Just saying...

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  1. Lol! Love it!! "They" are the "EX-perts" who are with out children obviously!